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How to know God.


Weird "God" moments?

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Have you ever experienced odd coincidences or just (good) weird things that you know are God?

A few weeks ago I was really struggling with some stuff, and just felt really heartbroken and sad. I was basically having one of those God are you even there?! moments. So I asked God to show me, in some way, that he loved me and was there for me. I was on the beach, and right after I prayed I started wondering how God might show me. Then I had the thought that maybe I would find some heart-shaped coral rock (the small kind that are mixed with seashells) so I asked God to help me find a piece of heart shaped coral, kind of as evidence that he was there.

So the beach was littered with coral and seashells, and almost every single piece of coral was roughly heart shaped. It was really weird. But I thought it might be a coincidence (or maybe that I was kind of seeing heart shapes in every piece since I was looking for it), so I prayed and told God I wanted a perfect very clearly shaped heart of coral, so I would know it wasn’t a coincidence. GUYS I FOUND ONE! Literally 2 seconds later, I picked up a small, perfectly heart shaped piece of coral.

Anyway, I’m just sharing this now, because at the time like I said I was really depressed, and even though I was happy to find my heart shaped coral I thought vaguely that maybe all coral was heart shaped and I just hadn’t noticed it before.

Hahahhaa guys all coral is NOT heart shaped (duh). Most coral is not. I find it awesome that God made all that heart shaped coral for me when I needed it most 🙂

God loves you, guys, and he’s always there for you. <3 Your turn.

July 4, 2016 at 16:12
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