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Welp! Where do I go from here???

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So, I am facing a dilemma. I have grown up in the church and been a christian since I was eight (I’m 18 now). I have always tried to be good and I’ve always fought for my relationships with people. The problem is that lately I’ve gone from fighting, to being discouraged, to not even wanting to try any more. I’ve fought so long and so hard to do and to be who I am that everything within me is screaming to give up. I don’t want to be good any more. I don’t want to be strong. … For so long I have been running from being broken, that now, everything I’ve done to keep it together is shattering. I know God gives me grace and that being broken isn’t bad…. but what do you do when all you want to do is walk away from it because you are so warn out? People around me say I’m strong and that I’m a leader, but everything in me feels like it’s quite the contrary. And I’m so afraid of ruining my testimony to the unbelievers that surround me…. especially the ones I have been trying to speak to about Christ. Is it wrong to show them that you struggle??? I mean, I know that as Christians we are always in process… but at what point do you draw the line at showing your imperfections and stop asking/sharing advice with them? Well, that’s pretty much where I’m at….. Anyone have advice? Anyone in the same boat???

Thank you. God bless!

August 18, 2015 at 07:04
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I’ve been there too. It’s difficult to admit it, but I do understand you. And I know how hard it is not to give up. Everyone tells you that you are strong and that you can overcome your struggles, but you don’t feel that strong, and you don’t want to be strong, because it means that you have to fight, and the truth is that you are tired of it, you don’t see the problems stopping, but growing bigger. You wish that your life was easier, even if it means that you are not going to be one change the world. the point is you just want a rest. A good friend of mine, told me that even though he might not understand my situation, he knew what God said in His Word, and He says that even the struggles are for good. And what you need to know is that even though you are passing through hard times, you are going to overcome it, but it’s going to be because God wants you to. See it this way every time God send us to a dessert, and we cannot hear His voice, we freak out, we try to give up. But the only way to overcome it is to let God take the control, surrender to Him. Because remember God is strong in our weakness. And remember that every dessert we pass, is a step toward being a little happier, it does not mean life is going to be all pink, but that every time it will be easier to overcome the problems because you’ll be stronger. At last you should know that when God put us through a lot of difficult stuff its because he wants to mold us, to make us better, so that we can accomplish the purpose he has with our lives, and the bigger the purpose is, the harder the struggle becomes, but God says that He doesn’t let us be tempted beyond our ability.

P.S: This words have become like a motto for me when I’m passing through a dessert: Fire tests gold. ( In order to be proven worthy, the gold needs to pass through fire. )

August 24, 2015 at 10:54
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