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What can I do to not feel so signaled out?

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There’s a girl in my youth group who I’m not really friends with. We were but after she didn’t invite me to her birthday party, it all went downhill. The unfair thing is when I didn’t invite her to mine, one of my friends told me she started crying. That was years ago. Then last year, she enrolled in my high school (she was home schooled.) She annoyed me greatly because she friended all my friends on Facebook. When I tried to ask her about it tho, she denied it and I’ve noticed she often likes to act better than everyone else, kinda like a princess. We don’t talk in school or make eye contact. She sent me a mean text last year saying I’m so mean because I never look happy to see her or give her eye contact. That pretty much scared me off from that. Then flash forward to this year: we went on a retreat and stayed in a cabin a couple weeks ago. She talked to my good friend or the guy she likes the whole time. A week later, over Memorial Day weekend, she texted “Why do you act like you hate my guts?” My youth leader got involved and explained to me that she and my friend aren’t very close at all and wouldn’t expect her to hang out, but considers me a friend. Then she told my friend Morgan she felt I wasn’t very fond of her. I am so confused why she’s telling everyone different things. I don’t think that makes me like her any more. And why would she consider me a friend? We haven’t talked or texted until before the retreat? She doesn’t invite me over or include me in things. I feel so signaled out.Why am I the only one who does things wrong? Sometimes it seems like my feelings don’t matter; it’s all about the other person or other people. My parents kind of tried to teach that as part of social skills, but it doesn’t feel right. I feel like I don’t matter and that if I drowned somehow, no one would care 🙁 Except maybe my sweet friends Megan and Carolyn. Would anyone miss me, or do they want me gone? Also, only then, might some guys be flattered I had a crush on them. I’m sorry. Things are so confusing socially and I don’t know how to do any better. Advice anyone? Please? I’m also the middle child and get ignored a lot at home too. I’ve learned to isolate myself and be really quiet. I’ve never been friends with some of the people at school I want to be friends with. I’ve always been stuck with the people in youth group, who turned out to be not very good friends. Never included me in things, even though I had them over twice as a big group 🙁 They never invited me over either or to a movie or something. Please help! I don’t know what to do and get this girl to calm down a little. Thank you so much! Love you all!

May 26, 2015 at 16:57
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