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Hey ladies,
So I have a two part dilemma…
I’ve been friends with this guy for about six months now but for the last three he’s away at school. He’s my good friend and I found he really likes me. He’s sweet and nice but I just don’t see a future since we go to different colleges. I’m not sure how to let him know this.
But the second part of this is that he introduced me to a guy that I fell hard for.
This guy is 2 years older and at first I really loved his personality and we talked anout deeper things and teased each other all the time. We both were busy with work but he kept saying he wanted to hang out with. I figured that he really did like me. Sadly 5 different times he bailed on with with legit but painful excuses. I got hurt and told him but he just said he was sorry he’s so busy and he just didn’t why it bugged me. My dad said a guy like that isn’t worth my time.
Well a month and a half later and I still can’t forget him. I finally asked him how his new job was and we talked. He started flirting and the said “I know in the past it didn’t work out but I’d like to make it up to you and hang out”. I was so confused and very untrusting. I told him that after everything that happened I’ll get back to him because I’m not so sure.
He hurt Me and yet I can’t stop wanting to go out with him…
I feel stupid and I just don’t know how to handle this.
Any advice?!
Thank you

November 28, 2014 at 12:24


For the guy who goes to a different college than you, I would say that you may not want to be in a long distance relationship. They do work occasionally but at the same time, you can’t be with each other to strengthen your relationship. I don’t really know what else to tell you for that one, but that is really for the two of your to choose.

As for the other guy, it depends on the excuses. How legitimate were they? Were they things that he absolutely HAD to go do? Or were they things that could have waited or rescheduled? To be honest, if a guy really really wants to spend time with you, he will put your date first, just like you would for a guy you really like. If his excuses were not that great and could have been avoided, I would say to try to stay away from this guy. But if he really dis have a series of unfortunate events that somehow led to not hanging out with you five times, give him another chance.

November 29, 2014 at 07:04
Project Inspired


I agree wit chloe..I think the second guy (the one you like?) sounds a bit shady, but I would probably give him one more chance, see how hanging out goes, and take things from there…Seeing him in person could help you sort out your feelings!! However, if things fall through again, I would just let it go, and move on.

December 1, 2014 at 14:51
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