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What's going on with the family I'm friends with at church?

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Hey girls! I’m really sorry I just posted not too long ago. There’s a lot that’s been going on in my life and I’m so confused by all of it. It won’t slow down and I’m not exactly sure who I can talk to about any of it. To start off, there is a family at my church I’m more or less friends with. I’d like to think I can consider them friends though but I’m not sure. The mom is a lady me and my mom used to do the bread and pastries with on Sunday mornings. I think I’m becoming good friends with her. My mom has also made comments that she seems to really like me or be fond of me. She also has three kids who also go to the church. The oldest son Alex is the one I really like and through God and the Holy Spirit, I can see more of a future or friendship with him than with the other guy I posted about. I feel like he likes me because he stares at me a lot and even with a smile sometimes. A couple weeks ago, another lady came up to me to ask how my summer was and stuff. Alex and his mom were on the other side of her and they both looked at me whenever I laughed or smiled. I also went by the kitchen and I could feel him watching me then too. Also when I went to the other end of the church by the sanctuary. He watched me hug someone and he looked so happy! He was standing with his back to me at his mom’s booth but he kept turning back. I also think his younger siblings may know something too. One day-a while ago maybe. his little sister gave me a wide, goofy smile when she saw me once and his brother also looked at me whenever I laughed or smiled. Anyway, this past Sunday, both brothers were there, and I saw the younger one staring at me with this goofy smile for about a minute, then he whispered to his older brother and they both looked at me. Do you think he likes me and his brother knows? I was looking at the pastor but a couple times I could see my crush looking at me and when I looked back, he looked away so quickly I almost wasn’t sure if he even did. I’m pretty sure whatever they whispered wasn’t bad though. Also, sometimes when his mom is at her booth and I’m by myself, she’ll be looking at me. I feel like something might be up. We talk sometimes and I occasionally I ask about her kids. She was telling me how her son only hung out with guy friends this summer. Was she hinting something or am I just being weird? Last thing, I requested to follow Alex on Instagram last year and he requested to follow me back. He followed me for a couple months until I went up to him one Sunday morning and started a conversation. I thought he knew who I was but he asked me what my name was :/ He was very nice though. He introduced me to his sister and was patient when I didn’t get the social cue the conversation was over. He unfollowed me later that day. My mom said it’s because he didn’t know who I was. Why did he accept me then? My mom says it’s not my fault, but I still feel awful about it and like he hates me. He has his Snapchat under his bio, so I tried adding him a couple times. He hasn’t added me back or followed me on Twitter either. I’m scared if he didn’t he never will. He also has a Facebook account. He shows up on my ‘people you may know’ a lot. I wish I could add him but I’m so scared he will say ‘I don’t know this person’ so I can’t send him another request. His mom did that too 🙁 I’m terrified he could block me too. I really like him, I can sometimes see having a future with him or easily being friends, and I think of him whenever I listen to the songs ‘Thinking Out Loud’ or ‘Right Here Waiting’. What do you guys think? Does he like me? Is there something I need to fix with him? Should I try to talk to him or does it sound like his younger brother is more interested in being my friend? Alex is on the football team at my school and in a couple weeks, they’re having buddy night where students fom Best Buddies can wear a player’s jersey. I was thinking of doing it with him. Let me know if that’s a bad idea too. I won’t do it if he doesn’t like me. I was hoping he would be flattered though. He seems to really like me at church sometimes

Thank you so much! This has been on my mind a lot lately

September 8, 2016 at 17:21
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