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What's Your Take on the LBGTQ books?

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I started thinking about this topic again, and deciding to post something about it.
I just would like to know what others thought, and why.
I was on this website called ‘Goodreads’ where you put names of books on this huge list of books you’ve read and its pretty much this big online book shelf.
I was searching through books to add, because I felt like I had read so much more than what I already added to my list.
I ended up finding 4 books I had read in the past. 2 about gay people, and 2 about transgendered people.
Now, I understand, being against homosexuality and transgender lifestyle, that you can read a book that supports or portrays the topic in a positive manner, and still TALK about it with like-minded people, but I was just afraid that it was sinful to add it to my book list.
I’ve stopped reading those types of books; mostly because I’m afraid my mother wouldn’t want me to read them. But they remind me of my middle school years and growing up always going to the library and the young adult librarian being liberal and in a way “introducing” me to different things in life. She’d also have teen movie nights at the library and I’d get a taste of what the world and controversial topics are all about (not for every movie night- but one movie ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower had a gay teenager featured in it).
And I don’t know, maybe wanting to add it is me having emotion for the books because they remind me of those “happy” times? I really miss, we’ll call her ‘K’ the young adult librarian, because she was so kind and nice, and moved away months ago, but always seemed to bring some kind of excitement when life was boring back then.

My point is; even though I’ve stopped reading LBGTQ books, would God see it as sinful to add it to the book list?

January 1, 2015 at 01:29


The book itself is not doing anything, and neither are you by reading it. God wouldn’t assume you’re sinning by talking to a gay person, would it? After all, if you talk to a gay person about something totally unrelated to sexuality, like cupcakes, and you enjoy talking about cupcakes with this person, but they’re gay, are you sinning?
Books feature lgbt protagonists, but they ARE about other things. Like life, growing up, heartbreak. Heck, in the case of some of my favorite books it’s actually about the character who happens to be not straight saving the world from fictional monsters. You’re allowed to enjoy a book about people, even if you don’t like something about the person. Also, YOU’RE not the one doing the sinning, and the book isn’t a person who CAN sin.
I mean. I don’t actually believe there’s any sin in homosexuality at all. And I’m very pro-transgender, but I don’t really want to argue that here, so I’ll leave you with my favorite Wilde quote. “There is no such thing as a moral book, or an immoral book.”

January 1, 2015 at 05:48


I wouldn’t add them to my book list. As a Christian you want to lead by being a good example.Leave those things in the past and move on in your relationship with God. Sometimes digging up old things can effect our current relationship with God. Especially things of a sinful nature that are not Christian. The books I read in the past that weren’t Christian, I barely remember, because I’m a new creature and their not a part of my life anymore. God Bless.

March 12, 2015 at 11:24


Revolutionary24, I hate to point it out, but not everyone’s past self and their Christian self are different. I’ve been Catholic all my life, and that aspect of me HASNT changed. Others have, but not that one.
So don’t assume everyone becomes a “new creature” as they age. You have, and I believe that, but to asusme everyone cannot look back fondly on their past, or if they do, it’ll ruin the future, isn’t the way many people experience life.

March 12, 2015 at 12:48
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