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Why do Christians Support Israel ?

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Broken Vessel

Broken Vessel

Okay, so a while ago I noticed a lot of Christians posting “I stand with Israel”. Admittedly, I didn’t look into it but lately I’ve been seeing a lot about the crimes they commit against Palestine, and I just want to know why Christians are saying this is okay?
I understand Israel is special to God and yada yada yada, but that doesn’t excuse their actions, does it?

August 7, 2015 at 19:13


I guess I would generally support the togetherness of Israel because God gave them that land. It is rightfully the land God consecrated to them as His chosen nation. This means that when people have an agenda to split Israel apart and give part of it to the Palestinians (especially the holy city of Jerusalem), it is against the will of God. It’s not exactly that I support every political move of Israel, it’s just that I believe that they are God’s people an that is their rightful land. Unlike many other nations or peoples the Jews have constantly been persecuted in history, ranging from the diaspora, to the pogroms of Russia, to the Holocaust, to other forms of discrimination in Europe and by other people. It’s constant spiritual warfare, so when I as a Christian see all these Islamic nations banded together with European nations pouncing on Israel to divide it, bomb it through the new Iranian nuclear deal possibly, and kill all the Jews, I know inside of me that it is Spiritual warfare and that it isn’t any ordinary attack. There is a lot of pressure on Israel, but they are God’s people so other nations need to revere them in a sense. It is important to remember that we, as gentiles were in-grafted in with Israel when we became Christians, so we are in many ways with them. Something like that….
I guess with the crimes against Palestine…idk..but that’s why I stand for Israel for the most.But I don’t think Palestine is less guilty for its various crimes against Israel as well. Bloody hands.

Just my opinion anyway…

August 7, 2015 at 21:53
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