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Why do I deserve to be noticed?

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Hi girls. I’m just wondering why I deserve to be noticed. I like knowing that people want to be my friend, but I also feel like I don’t deserve it. I’ve made so many mistakes, and I’m not sure what I have to offer…other girls may have more to offer. I’m funny at home or around family friends because I’ve known them forever. My mom called me “adorable” once because a friend asked me what class I studied for and I couldn’t remember. She also said “Maybe that’s why everyone likes you.” Last weekend, I went to Lion’s camp and there was a guy who kept winking at me and asked if I had a boyfriend. I wasn’t interested. Are guys only noticing me so they can use me? God’s helped me be more relaxed lately. Also, Friday in gym I was walking along the track with my class. I was walking by myself, away from the group. Then this boy comes up and bumps me. I think it was on purpose because I’m pretty sure I was walking alone… Then when we played Frisbee, he kept looking at me but never threw me the frisbee. What am I doing to get noticed? Do you think it’s good attention or for bad, inappropriate ones? The other day, my neighbor also locked eyes with me and licked his lips. It felt like he was flirting. It’s so cute! His eyes are always lit up and shinning! I think I’ve noticed these people because some of my friendships from my youth group are crumbling, but I also realize I can have good friends outside the church. They never include me when they do things and I’ve had group parties at my house once this year and once last year. Why was I wrapped up in those friendships and not on other people to be friends with?

May 17, 2015 at 08:21


I thought my neighbor didn’t like me…he didn’t add me back on Snapchat or follow me on Instagram or seem to want to want to hang out. He said tho “I would, but I have work every weekend.” Do you think he was being honest or really doesn’t like me? After some of my friendships fell apart, I wonder why anyone would like me, or if even do. Any advice girls?

May 17, 2015 at 08:29
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Of course you deserve to be noticed!! We’re all just living in this world together. No need to be scared of anyone. Maybe these people see something special in you 🙂 As for the guys and your neighbor, you sound like a totally sweet and amazing person! Any guy would be flattered if you liked them. Also, maybe he doesn’t use social media much, but you could ask him. Please don’t think people will be mean to you if you ask them something. It’s great that you’ve found other friends! You’re focused on the good ones now 🙂 Maybe now’s the time to be friends with them

May 27, 2015 at 10:17
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