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Why is it so hard?

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I turn 21 in 5 days. I’m a junior in college and I love singing, music, acting, movies, video games, everything. I have a lot of friends and a few that I’m really close to. My life is great. But I don’t feel great.
Most women have an innate desire from when they were little girls that they want to have children, to be a mother and have a family. That’s not my desire. I know in my heart that I am made to love and be loved. And here I am, pouring out the love that God has given me and I have never received it.
It’s really hard for me because I’ve never had a boyfriend, of any kind. I’ve had a guy lead me on as though he’s interested and drop me off several times, but I have never been accepted and loved.
All of my roommates have gotten engaged, and are now married. My oldest brother got married a year ago and my other brother is getting married in just a couple months. All of my friends have been in a relationship with a guy at some time in their life or they are getting into one now, and here’s me. Terminally single.
It’s difficult because I have women compliment me all the time. I hate talking about myself this way, but all of the girls view me as the ideal woman. I’m tall and thin but still curvy, beautiful so they say, and I am into everything guys like. I’ve had guys say certain times that things I do or like are extremely attractive, but no guy has ever taken a chance on me.
Everyone in my life is expecting a relationship to happen, not in a bad way but in an encouraging way, but nothing is happening. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, but it’s extremely hard for me when I am said to be everything a guy wants and no guy wants me.
Is this normal to feel like you’re wonderful but no one sees you that way? What do I do when I feel horrible about where my life is when I don’t feel loved? I run to God every time and He helps me, but I still feel terrible. I’m literally crying as I write this post because I have never felt loved and valued when that is the one thing I really need.

October 27, 2015 at 16:48


Hi Ali (I’m assuming that’s your name),
I can relate to you on so many levels, you’r not alone. I’m 20 as well and I haven’t really had a serious relationship or felt loved either. Jesus loves us though! And I know that sounds super cliche to say, but its so true. God created you and he knows what you need and when you need it, trust Him with that. I like to think that God is keeping us single because he’s not ready to share us yet 🙂 if there is a godly man in your future God will guide him to you in His time. For now continue to pursue Jesus with all your heart and allow Him to be your first love. God bless you!
Your sister in Christ,

October 27, 2015 at 23:07
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