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Me Without Makeup


I’m on the right, with my sister at a Cleveland Baseball game (GO TRIBE! :p)

I’m bigger than alot of girls at my school, but I’m so happy with myself! I’m a more relaxed girl and I dress up on occasion, but I more often than not go to class in jeans and a tshirt/sweatshirt because thats what I’m comfortable in. I try to show the genuine beauty that God gave me. I like to show off my smile because I can never not show a genuine smile (all the way to the eyes)! Also, I (surprisingly) am coming to love the bags under my eyes because when they get darker I know that I need more sleep. Other people notice and make a comment, but it tells me that people care about my wellbeing!

All girls need to know that God’s beauty is true beauty, show it off!

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  1. ChristianVoice

    Posted by ChristianVoice on March 21, 2013 at 17:44

    I love the positive outlook you have!