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Target Loves Every Body and So Do We!

Girls and women of every size need to find a swimsuit they love and that makes them feel confident! Target’s recent advertisements took a step in the right direction by using five real women (fashion bloggers) to model its latest swimsuit designs. The campaign called Target Loves Every Body helps women find the perfect figure-flattering swimsuit. It features bodies of all types and shows each women wearing a bathing suit of her choosing that makes her feel gorgeous.


Each ‘real’ girl got to show off their style in a suit they loved: Nashelly Messina writes Fabulatina, Nikki Minton runs My Style Diaries, Sarah Boyd blogs for Simply Stylist, and Chantè Burkett is the creator of Everything Curvy and Chic. Messina put it best when she said, “I’m actually shocked that we’re still talking about these types of campaigns as ‘innovative.’ And of course this one is, and that’s because not enough companies like Target are doing this.”

Check out the video of the girls working with a stylist to choose the swimwear that works well with their figure and makes them feel amazing:

Don’t you just LOVE this?! Wouldn’t it be great if more brands moved in this direction with their models?




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