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10 Apps and Websites That College Students Should Know About!

Nowadays, students seem to have more resources at the tip of their fingers with apps, online sources and databases. Before the Internet, students really had to dig deep into their textbooks at physical libraries, but now, the World Wide Web has made it much easier for people to gather information quickly.

Below I have compiled some helpful apps and resources for you—from textbook rentals to bibliography apps to databases and more. Of course, there are a lot more than 10 apps and resources online to help you, but here are just a few popular and well-known ones.


10 Helpful Apps and Online Resources for Students

1. EasyBib app: A bibliography app that has the “most accurate citation generator.”

2. Chegg.com: Rent and sell your textbooks.

3. Slugbooks.com: Textbook site where you can sell and compare prices.

4. Google Scholar: A credible database to search for academic literature (scholar.google.com).

5. Google Drive/Google Docs: Share documents with other students, live editing and group assignment view, PowerPoint and more.

6. Prezi.com: Project presentation software, editor for slides and PowerPoints.

7. Dropbox: Share large videos, photos and documents.

8. Feedly: Aggregates your top favorite news and content.

9. iTunes U: University access through Apple and iTunes. Students can download and access different sources from major universities and other databases.

10. SelfControl: An app that helps temporarily block certain applications or social media sites while you are studying. Great idea, isn’t it? We all need a little self-control from distractions nowadays.

[Source: lifehack.org]


PI Girls, do you have any apps or websites that you recommend for students? Comment below!

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  1. GiGiStarflier

    Posted by GiGiStarflier on March 19, 2017 at 18:47

    I love my Google Drive!! I use it for Disney pictures that I take, as well as school documents. Plus, it’s easy to move pictures from a phone to a computer without a USB cable!