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10 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Many high schools and colleges offer study-abroad trips. Some schools have programs through Europe and other parts of the world. Why should you consider going on a study-abroad trip? Here are 10 reasons why you should further your educational experience by stepping outside of the norm, across the ocean.


1. Cultural Experience: Having the opportunity to learn about another culture and society will be beneficial and helpful.

2. Language: You can learn another language and deepen and broaden your knowledge. Being bilingual will really advance you when you graduate. It will set you apart when you’re applying for a job position.

3. History: Many travel opportunities will give you a chance to see historical monuments and experience places you might never get to see otherwise in your lifetime. I didn’t get to do the study-abroad trip in high school and still regret it to this day. Just do it!

4. Meet New People: On your foreign-student exchange experience you can meet new people of other ethnicities and make new friends around the globe. It’s so impactful to meet people who are different from you and also to have connections in other countries in case you travel back and forth. You may make a lifelong friend you might not have otherwise met!

5. Unique Education: There are different ways that countries teach, so in America you may learn one way, and in Europe you may gain a different educational experience. In China, for example, they are extremely dedicated to their careers and studies; students are required to go to school six days a week.

6. Food, Music, Art: You can try new foods and gain wisdom through your physical senses and appreciation of different types of culinary arts and music, and can even go to museums to see artifacts. When you experience something hands-on, it really sets you apart from the ordinary, especially in your ministry or career. It’s one thing to say you appreciate something or know about something, and another to have physically been there. It will make history come alive, depending on where you choose to travel.

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7. Meet Families: You can do a foreign-student exchange program where you can stay with a family who opens their home to you. Depending on how close you get with the family you stay with, you may just be creating relationships with a potential second family. You can experience love with new friends and people in a communal sense—so contrary to the American individualist way. Broaden your mind and not just choose a hostel, motel or hotel to stay at, and make new relationships.

8. Discover New Hobbies: Maybe while you are overseas you will form new interests or may learn something that forever changes you.

9. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Living in the same place your whole life is comfortable, but doesn’t stretch you or challenge you. Being around others with different dialects and accents can shift your worldview. You realize life is not all about you, your worries, your dreams and your family. When you are in another country it opens your mind to a whole new world. I know firsthand because I traveled to Australia in 2012, and I will never forget that experience. It was so enriching and I will never be the same.

10. Grad School Opportunity: If you choose to go to graduate school, you have a better chance of getting into the program because they look for students who have studied abroad. And regardless of your desire to further your education, you will have nothing to lose by studying abroad, only wisdom to gain!

[Source: internationalstudent.com]


PI Girls, would you study abroad? If so, where would you choose to travel?

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