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10 Fashion Trends for Spring 2018!

I can’t believe it’s already March, and you know what that means! Spring and the Easter season are just around the corner. Here are some trends and inspiring looks for this shift in the fashion season. Some of the popular looks are polka dots, the color lavender, cat-eye vintage sunglasses and more!

Some looks are repeats from past seasons, such as the gingham pattern, which has made its way back around. We always love the look of a classic graphic white T-shirt and dark denim jeans—you can never go wrong with black and white, and it’s a modest yet classic look.

Here are some cute ideas for your wardrobe and for the coming weeks.


Look #1: Polka Dots


[Image: net-a-porter.com]


Look #2: Lavender and Pastels

[Image Credit: www.mango.com]


Look #3: White T-Shirt With Graphics

[Image: knowlita.com]


Look #4: Bold Florals and Patterns

[Image: forever21.com]


Look #5: Swimsuit and Bodysuit Basics

[Image Credit: www.aritzia.com]

Look #6: Maxi Long Dresses

[Source: forever21.com]

Look #7: Gingham Pattern

[Image: macys.com]

Look #8: Tassel Earrings

[Image: forever21.com]

Look #9: Suede, Bejeweled, & Embellished Flats

[Image Credit: www.zara.com]


Look #10: Scarves


[Image Credit: www.zara.com ]


PI Girls, which one of these trends would you wear or try out this spring season? Comment below!

Image: StockSnap | Kristina Paukshtite


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