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    10 Ideas for Community Service Before You Apply to College

    Many of you are aware that for the college application process, most schools require or look at volunteer hours. I want to share some volunteer opportunities and ideas with you. Even if you are already in college, you may want to serve and give back to society, so here are some inspiring places to check out online!

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    10 Volunteer and Community Service Ideas for High School and College Students

    1. Volunteer at Your Local Church:
    Some of you may be involved in a youth group, but you may be able to get even more involved in setting up prior to service with prepping the chairs, the coffee or even the music. Ask your pastor, youth pastor or leader if there are any opportunities to serve.

    [Source: hillsong.com/la/volunteer]

    2. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen:
    You may find it beneficial to seek out a soup kitchen nearby to get some hours for your college applications, but more than that, you’ll find it very fulfilling to help feed the needy in your community. Research online where a local soup kitchen is near you.

    [Source: lakitchen.org/volunteer]

    3. Volunteer for a Nonprofit Organization:
    There are many nonprofit organizations that need workers and are on a tight budget. You can look up different charities or causes that you may be passionate about and can put in a couple hours a week, which will help further the mission and good cause.

    [Sources: savinginnocence.org; a21.org/content/volunteer/gl3iqg; unlikelyheroes.com]

    4. Volunteer to Help the Homeless:
    There are different homeless outreaches, especially in major cities like Los Angeles, where you can go Downtown to Skid Row, to Venice Beach and to other areas to help feed and give out supplies. Make sure your parents approve if you’re under 18, as some of these outreaches can be in dangerous areas.

    [Sources: habitatla.org; urm.org/get-involved/volunteer]

    5. Do a Trash or Beach Cleanup:
    You can gather with other locals or green groups in your city to pick up trash and make sure the streets are free from debris.

    [Source: folar.org/cleanup]

    6. Donate to a Food Bank:
    If you want to give some food items to a shelter or soup kitchen, you can look up different food banks within your geographical location, and can even volunteer at some churches or food banks to help bag and give out groceries to homeless or low-income families.

    [Sources: feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank; hopechapel.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=284136]

    7. Go Online and Search for Opportunities to Give:
    There are many different ways to serve in your community; just look it up on your state’s government site and there should be information and resources on how to contact different leaders and philanthropic societies.

    [Source: volunteermatch.org]

    8. Volunteer at a Senior Home or an Animal Shelter:
    For those who are mature and feel like they are gifted in singing or playing music, you can visit an elderly home and play music for people who rarely have visitors. If you love cats and dogs, volunteer at a local animal shelter.

    [Sources: createthegood.org/campaign/volunteeringwithseniors; animalhumanesociety.org/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities]

    9. Get Involved in a Nonprofit Entertainment Organization:
    There are some organizations that have various events from doing inner-city outreach to feeding the homeless to doing elderly proms, and even Halloween trick-or-treating for the less fortunate inner-city kids. One nonprofit that comes to mind is Red Eye, which I have been a part of. They have locations in Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, London, Paris and Sydney.

    [Source: redeye.org]

    10. Help Build Water Wells or Go on a Missions Trip Overseas:
    Generosity Water is doing an amazing job of building wells in the most needed places in Africa, Haiti, and Central and South America.

    [Sources: generosity.org; teenlife.com/blogs/10-community-service-ideas-college-bound-teens]

    [Image: a21.org]

    PI Girls, do you volunteer regularly with your church or in your local community? If so, comment below and let us know what you do! What is your passion?

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