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10 Inexpensive Cold-Weather Date Ideas

Cold weather can actually provide the setting for the most romantic time of year! With a little creativity, your favorite scarf and a great guy, you’re all set for a wonderful date night. Here are 10 ideas for lovely and fun things to do with your date in winter!

10 inexpensive cold weather date ideas


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1. Outdoor ice skating: Check out your local city guide for this activity that is fun and charming, and allows you to wear your most adorable winter accessories!

Ice Skating

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2. Christmas tree lighting: It doesn’t have to be Rockefeller Center. Most communities and colleges have a free tree-lighting ceremony that usually comes with music and merriment.

Christmas Tree Lighting

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3. Volunteer at a food bank: Many food banks and shelters need extra volunteers this time of year. Helping out together and growing as people is romantic, too!

Volunteer Couple


4. Fancy homemade s’mores and hot chocolate: There is nothing better than seasonal yummies! Enjoy these cold-weather classics either by a campfire, fireplace or even your kitchen stove. For a little recipe inspiration, check out “10 Amazingly Delicious Hot Chocolate Recipes to Try This Season!

S'mores and Hot Chocolate

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5. Attend a community theater play or concert: A lot of community arts programs produce better shows than you would expect! They hold auditions and often end up with some of the best local talent your town has to offer. What is also awesome is that they are way less expensive than traveling shows and usually offer student, child and senior discounts.

Community Theater

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6. Game night: There is no purer form of fun than board games! Some of our favorite two-player games include Bananagrams, Rummy, Sequence, Spades and chess.

Game night

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7. Shop for an “angel” together: Chances are the Salvation Army, your church or another local charity has an angel tree this holiday season. It’s a type of program that allows needy families to request gifts for children and other family members from those who have the ability and willingness to give. Pick up an angel, buy their Christmas gifts and make a child’s year, all while having fun in the process!

Angel Tree

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8. Check out Christmas lights: Whether it’s a famous street, town or park in your area, there are gorgeous Christmas light displays within a reasonable driving distance of most places. The best ones are where you can get out, walk around and admire the details people put so much effort into creating. Don’t forget about the amazing photograph opportunities!

Christmas lights

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9. Win each other a prize at an arcade: Set a small budget and see who can win the best prize at an arcade. Guys love playful and active dates, so he will be stoked about this one!

Arcade date

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10. Make a gingerbread house: This adorable activity is not just for kids! You’ll be surprised at the great architecture you can make from candy and cookies when given a little time. As a bonus, you can eat your scrumptious house later!

Gingerbread house

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Have you personally been on any of these dates? Do you have any other ideas for cold-weather dates?

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