10 Inexpensive Girl’s Night Ideas

    Do you want to stay in? Do you want to go out? Can’t decide what to do for girl’s night with your girlfriends? We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 fun and creative ideas for inexpensive things you can do with your squad.

    10 inexpensive girl's night ideas

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    1. Movie or show marathon – Choose whoever’s house has the biggest, most comfortable couch and a Netflix or Hulu subscription. Make sure you plan plenty of time to watch episode after episode of your favorite. Some of our favorite suggestions: Once Upon a Time, The Hunger Games, and Pride & Prejudice.

    Girl's Night Marathon

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    2. Thrift shopping – What you know about rocking a wolf on your noggin? You can actually find some pretty great steals at your local thrift store. There are lots of ways to go about it. You can choose an outfit from a magazine or Pintrest and try to duplicate it as close as possible for a fraction of the cost. Or you can have a contest to see who can find the craziest item within the set budget. Don’t forget your cameras because the results can be hilarious.

    Thrift Store Shopping

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    3. Facials – No need to drop tons of cash at a spa to get a refreshing facial! There are TONS of recipes you can make at home and single applications especially made for your skin type that you can buy from stores. Or your group can go in together and get a nice bottle to share. Check out this PI article for ideas: 5 DIY Facial Masks for Clear Skin!


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    4. Find a random Groupon or Living Social deal – Both of these sites have options for coupons you can buy and immediately use after. It is a great way for your squad to try something new for a fraction of the cost. A few that are sure to please activities: paint nights, experimental exercise classes, and food/desert tastings.

    Paint night

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    5. Homemade pizzas – The absolute best thing about homemade pizzas verses delivery is that you can make them as creative or as healthy as you want! Experiment with toppings or just load your’s up with the one topping you love that pizza places never give enough of. Another thing to try is each friend makes a pizza and everyone gets a slice for a nice variety.

    Homemade Pizzas

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    6. Crafting – In these modern times of Pintrest arts and crafts are no longer a VBS and granny activity! You can either have everyone bring a creative DIY project they are working on or all go out together and get the supplies for a group project. Check out THIS page for hundreds of DIY crafts you and your girlfriends will love.

    Crafting party

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    7. Makeovers and photoshoot – Don’t you ever want the red carpet treatment or a fantastic no-reason profile pic update? Have your friends do each other’s hair and make-up and snap a few pics! Don’t forget to be careful about sharing products for hygiene purposes. If you have the funds, you can either go to the drug or department store and pick up some new makeup for the occasion. Many make-up brands and stores will do a makeover for you with a purchase.

    Women applying makeup together

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    8. Clothing swap – Just because you never really wore that shirt you found on sale doesn’t mean your friend won’t use and abuse it! Have everyone bring a few clothing and accessory items in good shape that they no longer want. Choose how you are going to distribute and voilà – everyone goes home with new stuff! Here are a few of the ways Real Simple suggests keeping order:

    Establish a system. Choose one of the following swapping strategies, which should be explained in your Evite or at the start of the party.

    • Take turns shopping. Draw straws to pick who shops first. Limit the number of items to one or two per turn to keep it fair and moving fast.
    • Use tokens. The host hands out a poker chip for every item a guest donates. If a person brings 10 items, she gets 10 tokens with which she can purchase 10 new items.
    • Keep the numbers even. Everybody goes home with the same number of items that they donated.

    Clothing Swap

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    9. Book club – You may already know how this works but you may not know how fun it can be! Your group chooses a book and then gets together and has a guided discussion about it. What sets this apart from AP English class is that you share your real opinions and don’t have to worry about mentioning anything about imagery or symbolism. It is more like “I cried so hard at that part” and “that was the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard!”

    Laughing women in book club

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    10. Bowling – Probably not the first activity you think of when picture a bunch of ladies getting together but it actually can make it better because the pressure is off. If your whole group is getting strike after strike as the lane attendants for a bumpers and watch the scores soar! There is usually fun music and guilty pleasure food to make the night even more enjoyable.


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    Have you personally done any of these things with your girl friends? Do you have any other ideas for inexpensive girl’s nights?

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