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10 Makeup Trends and Tips for Spring

Things are getting colorful for spring! This season, the eye shadows will be more metallic and will pop in color, from lavender and purple to orange and corals. We will continue to see the winged, cat-eye liner and lash trend. We will turn from matte, dry nude lips to a more bold pink lip with creams and glosses. Glowy, golden skin will be appropriate for the sunny spring weather, with a clean face with less makeup, and we will merge out of the contouring and baking trends we have seen. In addition, the foundations will become lighter, and the skincare lines will feature firming and hydrating masks.

Here are 10 spring makeup trends. Try them and see what you think!  


1. Lip Gloss: Matte has been pretty popular with the nude colors and mauve looks, but gloss is back in style this season.

2. Bright-Colored Shadows: Blues, purples, oranges, corals and pastels are in.

3. Blush: The dewy-soft look is in for spring with light pinks and rose colors.

4. Dramatic Eyeliner: Cleopatra’s makeup may seem too dark for spring, but winged eyeliner is in. Hint: “Just wing it,” but in style and with class. 🙂

5. Gold and Rose Highlighter: Makeup tutorials are all the rage, and we know contouring and highlighting have been popular. Two trends emerging this season are gold and rose highlighter.

6. Natural Makeup and Glowy Skin: You’ll start to see more bare-face trends, such as lighter foundations and serum products on the market to make the skin look lighter and appear as a no-makeup look. Moisturizers will also assist in the less caked and baked makeup trends we have seen, with a more natural look as we spring forth into this next season.

7. Metallics: Violets, bright pops of color and metallics will be popular. We will see very bright, bold and over-the-top colors as well as natural looks in spring.

8. Bold Pink Lips: Coral, peach, hot pink and orange colors will be popular for lips this season. These floral color palettes are in as usual and are appropriate for the season, as opposed to the dark plums from the winter. Creamy lipsticks will be also on the market instead of matte, dry lip shades.

9. False Lashes and More-Volume Lashes: False lashes have been the trend since 2017, but even more volume will be displayed on many lids this season. Many will be bold in their cat-eye looks, as well as the depth of eye lashes.

10. Firming Masks: Taking care of your skin is very important for skin/facial health. Do you use masks at night or do weekly treatments? As you get older you may want to invest in under-eye creams and do weekly masks for sensitive skin (or for the type of skin you have). It’s important to use moisturizer and to drink lots of water as well. These firming masks will be on the shelves, so keep your eye out for them.


To be even more inspired, watch a makeup tutorial with TV host Shae Wilbur, who does a “bold lip” and spring tutorial. Click here to watch the video.

Remember, you are beautiful exactly how you are! Trends and fashions come and go, but our inner beauty is what truly matters. Remember that we take these trends as inspiring ways to improve ourselves, but our identity is in being daughters of the King.

We love the bare-face (all-natural/no-makeup) look because you are beautiful the way God made you! The lightweight foundations, or little to no makeup, will be very popular this season.

PI Girls, what is YOUR favorite spring trend or something you would wear? What do you think about the lighter makeup versus the bold makeup trend? Comment below! Happy spring!

Image: Lightstock | Prixel Creative


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  1. Hopeful16

    Posted by Hopeful16 on May 17, 2018 at 18:47

    Interesting! I don’t wear makeup at all. My mom has told me many times that I do not need makeup to be pretty, and I agree. I believe that wearing makeup is a choice that every girl needs to make for herself. I also believe that there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. Who knows, maybe someday I will wear makeup, but I hope that I always remember that I don’t need it to be pretty. I hope that all of you girls remember that as well, whether you wear makeup or not!