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10 of the Coolest Things About Being a Christian Kid in the ’90s

If you were raised in the church during the 1990s, there are a few markers of your childhood that were so definitive, your early years just wouldn’t have been the same without them. In fact, we’ve gathered some of our favorite memories, so get ready for all the feels. Here were 10 of the coolest things about being a Christian kid in the ’90s.


1. You got to wear those super cool WWJD bracelets to remind you to walk out your faith wherever you went. If you were feeling beside yourself, all you had to do was look down and ask yourself: “What Would Jesus Do?” The conviction was real.


2. Your mom put you in these cute frilly socks before church. So chic.



3. VeggieTales came out and your life was never the same again. You didn’t even like vegetables until that point. Not only did they teach you the Bible in fun ways, but somehow they also moved things without hands!

4. You learned God was bigger than the boogeyman and you never had to fear a thing in your life again. #Perspective  

Here are 21 signs you were a true VeggieTales kid.


5. Adventures in Odyssey always took you on a journey of great adventures and lessons of faith you could watch again and again.    

6. The Left Behind series came out and you got even more serious about your faith because you could actually miss the rapture. 


7. You might just get in on a good episode of Touched by an Angel with Mom. #Winning


8. We had the coolest Christian bands, with the coolest hair.



9. Your first introduction to rap was Kirk Franklin and you weren’t complaining.


10. Oh, and when everybody was freaking out about the world shutting down during Y2K, we were good because, you know, we had Jesus.

What were some of your favorite memories of being a Christian kid in the ’90s? Join in on the fun by sharing in the comments below!

Image: Left Behind Book Cover


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