10 of the Craziest Myths About Christians

    People say a lot of things about Christians; some of them are true, but a ton of them are just plain FALSE.

    That is why we took to our Facebook page to find out from you, what are some of the craziest Christian myths you’ve ever heard. Here were some of our faves:


    1. Christians won’t give anyone who doesn’t have the exact same beliefs as them the time of day.” – Kaitlyn D.



    2. “Christians are boring.” – Diana S.


    3. “Christians only follow religion because they want to judge others.” – Kala W.


    4. “The rapture already happened.” – Tiffany M.


    5. “Christians are “perfect people” and have their lives put “perfectly together””. – Melody H.


    6. “Christians are narrow-minded.” – Kisesha K.


    7. “Christians don’t know how to party.” – Zoe Z.


    8. “Christians wait until they’re married to have their first kiss.” – Katelynn M.


    9. “Christians are so intolerant and hateful.” Lindy J.


    10. “Christians hate everyone who is gay.” – Lindy J.


    Did we miss any?

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      • Yes, because Christians totally pray for God to strike down lightning from heaven to hit the person who went for that 5th slice of pizza! Don’t even get me started on the scandal of holding hands!

      • “…because God intended that kind of stuff specifically for MARRIAGE.”

        Here’s the thing, if you want save your first kiss for marriage, cool; however, if you’re going to say God intended it for marriage, I’m going to disagree wholeheartedly.

        Marriage is a man-made concept that evolved throughout the years. Back in the olden days (I’m not talking the medieval era), usually when you laid with a man or woman, that person was yours and you were theirs. That was it. No ceremonies, nothing. You belonged to one another. But as mankind began to become more intelligent, different laws and regulations were thus created/written for stuff like that to make things more “official”.

      • Eh…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with kissing before marriage. Sex is intended to be saved for marriage, but kissing doesn’t fall under the “sex” category. If you wanna wait for marriage to kiss, good for you, but I agree with @findingthelord

    1. Whenever I go for one on one evangelism, unbelievers and shallow minded believers would say he has come again to preach Christianity. I usually tell them I don’t preach denomination nor religious group but the love of God which is embedded in Christ Jesus. Moreover, I would inform them the message of the Master, the kingdom of God is at hand.
      It’s good and rewarding to be an Evangelist.

    2. Hey, Christian parties are FUN!! And I don’t have to worry about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. I can just be myself with all of my other quirky Christian friends. What do non-Christians think we do at parties? Play with play-doh and put together Jesus puzzles? Watch movies where the main characters start crying if they hear someone say the “s” word? Wear bonnets and draw pictures of ponies? Come on guys!

      Also, Christians can be really cool! My life group leader is super chill, and we discuss everything from Captain America to (respectable) tattoos to Ryan Gosling memes, so we can have tons of fun! BTW yes, some Christians can be narrow-minded, but I can find just as many close-minded non-Christians. We just have different beliefs and boundaries than non-believers can have!

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