10 Prettiest Purity Rings

    Ladies, it’s clear in scripture that purity is expected of Christians. For example, in 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, it reads, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor, not in lustful passion, like the Gentiles who do not know God.”

    There are many things you can do that can help in your endeavor to remain pure. One is to wear a purity ring. A purity ring is a solid promise to God that you’re dedicated to remaining pure. It also reminds you and others of that promise to God.

    Check out the following 10 pretty purity rings!

    heart cross,

    Let’s start with this silver purity ring that has a cross inside a heart. Love!

    cross heart

    Here’s another “guard your heart” ring finished with a beautiful pink gem.

    guarded heart, cornerstonejewelrydesigns

    If you’re into sparkles, how about this adorable “guarded heart” ring covered in gems? I love the keyhole in the middle of the heart. So pretty!

    princess crown

    Oh my goodness! How about this adorable princess crown purity ring.  You are God’s princess after-all!


    This is a really cute idea…a birthstone purity ring. I love the “filigree affect.” So unique!

    love waits heart, polyvore

    Here’s a clean-cut “love waits” ring featuring a pretty gem heart.

    love waits, flower, cornerstone

    Love waits, for sure. And what an adorable ring to share that message! I love the wavy band and the cheerful flower with the blue gem.

    love waits heart,

    How sweet is this ring? I love the solid, thick band with the “love waits” message. Tiny flowers with pink gems finish it off.

    cross heart,

    I love this gift wrapped heart on this purity ring. I also like the ribbon effect of the band.

    love waits, flower, polyvore

    Here’s another variation of the “love waits” purity ring, this time featuring a more prominent flower with a center gem.

    Ladies, which is your favorite purity ring? Do you have a purity ring?

    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. Those are all so lovely and beautiful! I don’t wear a purity ring. In fact, I don’t usually wear jewelry at all! (One reason is because I don’t know what goes with what outfit and this blouse etc.)
      I asked my parents a while back why I didn’t have one, and they didn’t really know. They said they never really thought about it, and I didn’t need one to stay pure. I think it would be AMAZING to have one, but the really good ones are REALLY expensive! I also try to guard my heart in the way a purity ring symbolizes.
      Actually, I DO have a purity ring. However, the ring isn’t on my ringer. The ring is around my heart, and the ring is God holding onto it to protect it from all the evil in the world. God is my purity ring. 🙂 God bless!


      • I wouldn’t say degrading. It’s kinda pointless depending on the individual. Statistics show purity or promise rings don’t make a difference in whether teens will have sex before high school graduation, let alone before marriage. If these girls wanna spend dough on this, let them. I hope the profits benefit a truly great cause and not just promoting abstinence. It’s their choice whether to really keep it as a reminder or not. Long as those aren’t blood diamonds, it’s cool.

        I have a purity ring, actually, Eurydice.

        It’s called my lack of allure. XD

    2. I’ve never really felt a need for one. Isn’t that my business? I don’t know, it seems kind of braggy to me. Like, “oh look how pure I am!” I’m not trying to be condescending, and they’re lovely rings. I’m proud of my purity, but I don’t feel like I need a ring. That’s just me I suppose:)

    3. My parents took me to this event about purity when I was 11 LOL! I was probably the youngest one there…

      But it was this event called “Silver Ring Thing” and they have them all over the country. They give a talk about purity and such, and then you can buy a purity ring. I bought one of theirs…have had it since I was 11. I’m 15, almost 16 now and it hasn’t left my finger. It’s a simple band with the verse “1 Thessalonians 4:3-4” on it…a verse about purity

    4. Wow I LOVE the 1st one and the 5th one! I love the idea of the birth stone in the center of the 5th one! My purity ring is a ring my mom used to have. she never really wore it and when I said how I would love to have a purity ring she said I could have her ring and use it as a purity ring. I started wearing it this summer an now I never take it off!

    5. I like all of them! I have a purity ring, but it’s not technically a purity ring. It’s a simple silver infinity ring with crystals lining the infinity part. I wear it on my left ring finger 🙂 a lot of people tell me I’m supposed to wear it on the right, but I wear mine on the left because it’s symbolic to me that I won’t be taking it off till I’m engaged/married 🙂 but I bought it myself instead of my parents giving it to me or buying it for me because I think it’s a personal thing and not something anyone else can/should give you. But great post 🙂

    6. Those are lovely! My parents gave me and my sisters purity rings when we each became “women.” 😉 They’re not official “purity” rings, but they symbolize that to us. Mine is a twisty-looking gold band with a marquise-cut opal between two tiny diamonds. I adore it.. (:

    7. I really like the first one, but mine is super special to me. My best friend and I got purity rings when we were starting out 8th grade year. It is a thicker silver band with a bright red heart with “Love Waits” scrolled across it. It has really been a great way to physically remind me of my promise to God and to start conversations with nonbelievers and even some girls in my youth group about purity.

      • Thanks for posting that link. I really appreciated the article. That’s definitely how I feel about the whole purity/true love waits issue. God wants us to live sexually moral lives for his glory, not simply to benefit our possible future husband/marriage.

      • I’ve read that article before. Love it 🙂 It kinda helped me to decide to not get or ask for a purity ring. The temptation to live waiting for a husband would be too strong. On the other hand, rings are practically the only jewelry I will ever wear. If I were to get a ring, it would be as a reminder to live the way I should be living. Doomsday prepping! (aka, living for heaven… y’know. Sorry, bad joke)

    8. yep,I have a purity ring to! I love mine! it is silver with pink 3 hearts on it ,the middle heart is bigger than the others, and on the outside of the hearts, on one side it says my name and one the other it says Jesus!

    9. My parents gave me one for my 13th birthday. It is my birthstone. It really helps me keep myself pure. Seriously! It is almost as if it always reminds me of my commitment. Please, girls, if you get a chance, get one! It’s awesome!

      • Have you checked at thrift stores? That’s where I got mine. I had been looking at a ring online for a long time, but it was so expensive. Then I went to the thrift store and saw almost an identical ring that was only slightly too big for me (and my fingers are so small that all rings are too big for me) and in perfect condition for about 1/3 of the price of the ring I’d been looking at online.

        • Thrift stores are a great place to look. But local christian bookstores usually carry them for pretty cheap. I got mine when I turned thirteen and it’s a silver band with a cross between two hearts. It doesn’t plainly say love waits but I love the simplicity of it and it really means something to me. It will stay on my ring finger until an engagement ring then a wedding ring replaces it. Then it will be turned into a necklace that I will always wear. I think it’s a great physical reminder of my commitment to God and to myself. I love it!

    10. In my family, my dad presents the girls with a purity ring on their 13th birthday. Mine is a gold ring that has 2 leaves with a rose between them. It took me forever to find one that I would love wearing, but I did and now I never take it off 🙂

    11. I think that there’s something wrong with the phrase “True Love Waits.” Because what if you never get married? Does that mean your promise is broken? I think a purity ring shouldn’t just symbolize that you’re going to stay pure until you get married, I think that it should mainly signify that, no matter if you get married or not, you’re still going to stay pure.

    12. I have two purity rings. I wish there was a way to put pictures in the comments so I could show everyone. One is my promise to me and the other is my promise to God. One is silver with a green cat’s eye type bead and the other is gold with a butterfly that has two shades of green on the wings.

    13. What finger do you girls wear your purity ring on? I wear my on my left ring finger, but I hate when people ask if I’m married or engaged! Then again, it opens up a door of oppurtunity to witness. I just don’t want to miss out on my future husband because he sees I have a ring on my left ring finger and thinks I’m taken 😉

      • I change depending on what’s happening. If I’m writing or in school, my left hand. If my hands aren’t that active, my right. For me, I don’t really care – it’s just on my ring finger.

        • Mine’s on my left hand, but on my middle finger. It was supposed to go on my ring finger but
          a) It was too big, and
          b) I don’t want people to make crude ‘Oh are you engaged?’ comments

    14. I knew my parents were planning on giving me a purity ring for my 14th birthday, but I was still surprised. I told them I wanted some form of rubies and pearls together: my parents’ birthstones. We found the PERFECT ring online, but my mom told me they no longer had it my size, so I just forgot about the whole thing. On my birthday, we went to a steakhouse to eat dinner. About halfway through the meal, they started talking to me about the importance of purity and what it truly means to be “pure”. Then they pulled out a beautiful ring-the one I had picked out online. Turns out my mom tricked me-there were none left in my size AFTER she bought mine. It’s a gold band with a ruby flower that has a pearl center. I try to wear it every day 🙂

    15. Those are really pretty! I myself don’t have a purity ring, and it’s not that I’m not open to having one, I just personally feel I don’t really need one to remind me to wait. But if it helps remind other girls (and guys) than I’m all for it. 🙂

    16. I have a purity ring! I love the idea of wearing one so I wear mine all the time! I don’t like how some people assume I’m engaged because of it though. I use it as a way to witness to them, but I do hope my future husband won’t assume I’m taken too. (:

    17. I have one, I got it this summer. It’s a silver metal band with diamond like (not real) rhinestones across the front half and the words, Purity and Mathew 5:8 on the back engraved. It’s really pretty.

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