10 Signs He’s “The One”

    Ladies, we talk about “The One” so often here on Project Inspired. While cynics like to argue that there isn’t just one person out there who was reserved specifically for you, I’d like to remind you all that God’s plan is for our welfare and for hope (Jeremiah 29:11). God will also straighten our path (Proverbs 3:6), answer our prayers (John 15:7) and work for the good in all things for those who love him (Romans 8:28).

    Of course, there is a condition that comes with these and so many other promises, and that is that we give ourselves fully to the Lord. If we do this, and live according to His Word, then He will provide. And this includes The One.

    Now, knowing that God will provide us with The One, how are you to know when he comes along? Here are 10 signs you can look to for guidance.

    Remember, though, this is not a one-size-fits-all list, since we’re all different. And there are some points that are more subjective. But when it comes to a Christian relationship that leads to marriage, there are certain criteria that need to be met in order to strengthen the relationship and ensure its longevity.

    So, here goes:

    1. He listens to you. He wants to know you. He’s interested in what you like and don’t like. He wants to know your ambitions, hopes and dreams. Why? Because he wants to know if your dreams mesh with his. You’re not exactly the same, but when it comes to the important things, such as children and family and career, your dreams need to align.
    2. He respects you. He treats you with a respect that’s deserving of a child of God. It will be a traditional chivalry that will remind you of your value. He will love, honor and desire you with dignity.
    3. He sees your heart. It won’t be about the way you look, even if your eyes first caught his attention. He’ll see through the superficiality and recognize the you that counts, the you that God sees. This is because what’s in your heart resonates throughout your being. It determines how you will be as a wife, a mother, a friend and a child of God. And if you’re beautiful within, then you’re beautiful on the outside.
    4. He wants to please you. He wants to see you smile, so he’ll do what he can to please you. Maybe he’ll buy you meaningful gifts or he’ll do the things or go to the places that make you happy. Just be sure that it’s a true desire to please, not a short-term impulse to impress you.
    5. He brings the best out of you. You’ll like who you are when you’re with him because he makes you a better you, a kinder you, a loving you and a more patient you. In times of struggle, there are those who stress you out and those who calm you. He will do the latter, knowing how to make you smile when you’re feeling down and knowing how to instill peace in moments of chaos. It won’t always be perfect—you will still disagree now and then—but he’ll know how to create a calm before any real storm ensues.
    6. He shares your faith. Your faith is your life. You live according to it, so the man who’s the one for you will be the one who shares your faith and is devoted to it. He may even be more in love with Christ than you are, which would be an even better encouragement for you.
    7. He encourages you to put God first. He won’t be jealous because he knows that when you put God first, everything falls into place. He knows what God expects of each of you as individuals and you as a couple, and he will encourage you to place the Lord above all else.
    8. He encourages you to use your gifts and talents for the greater good. As Christians, we’re called to glorify God in everything that we do, and this is especially true when it comes to using our God-given talents and gifts. You’ll know he’s The One when he encourages you to use your talents for God.
    9. You feel at home with him. It just feels right. It’s not codependence, because you know you can live without him, but you just don’t want to.
    10. He will pursue you. When it feels right for you, and it feels right for him, he’ll pursue you. He’ll let you know that he wants to be with you.


    Ladies, what do you think about this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I like these, but something that I think we should also look for as a sign is “is this a man that I can see myself as a helpmeet to?” All theses things are about what he will do for me, none are about what I can do for him. I think that should be a sign too.

      • well i think you should wait until you are at least in your mid twenties. You are presumabley still in high school or just out of it, and have presumabley life ahead of you. You may still be maturing. I am not saying he cant be the one because you guys are in highschool but life may vary as you two find different paths you may wanna go down and if you were to get married, remmeber that it is for life, so you shouldnt be concerned with waiting. If you two have a relationship where you want to stay together forever, what is the rush to put a ring on it? Overall, I dont know your lives but I think you should wait a while before marriage.

      • One thing I will tell you I’ve heard from many couples who married young (my parents included!) is to NOT wait until you’re too old if you believe you’ve found the person God intends you to marry. It’s true, you shouldn’t rush things, but think of it this way. 1. Yes, you’re still maturing, but I’ll tell you a secret. You’re going to be maturing for the rest. of. your. life. While you should reach a certain level of understanding and maturity before marriage, one of the BIGGEST things in marriage is that you mature TOGETHER. 2. When you’re living out on your own, in your own house or apartment, with your own career, and your own lifestyle… you learn to do things a certain way by yourself. You become SO independent that life with another person becomes very, very hard. Maybe you have your daily schedule, but his schedule and yours don’t line up at all! I have found it evidenced that, if you’re very old before you marry (although, I mean closer to 30 for this) your number one priority is yourself. Not to say you are selfish, but the question “Can I buy this?” depends on if you have left-over money after what you need for yourself. Deciding “Will I go on this trip?” only depends on if you want to go/have the money to go. It is so hard to learn to think “Does my husband need something with this extra money?” and “Would this trip keep me away from home when I husband needs me there” etc. Thinking of someone else’s needs first can be a very hard thing to learn if you wait unnecessarily long. That being said, ALL things should happen in God’s timing, and not our own. So above and beyond ALL else, trust God, pray to Him, and seek His guidance and council every day or your life, from waking to sleeping, in day and in night. Every day, every moment, every step you take and every breath you breathe.

      • I am in the same situation as you. My boyfriend and I are both 17, nearly 18, and have been dating close to a year. We have known each other since the 8th grade (we are currently seniors), and have been through a lot individually and a lot together. Through our story, God has made it very clear in my heart and mind that he is “the one.” I am thrilled to spend my life with him, and this often can be difficult to be ready to make that commitment, but not ready for that new life. And not because of where my heart and mind are, but because of where we are in the stages of our lives. I often have to remind myself that I need to be patient, because that time will come eventually, and it is never good to rush your life along. God has planned that time. Just as God lets you know when you’ve found The One, He will let you know when it is The Time. So just enjoy the dating stage while you are in it! Use it to really truly become acquainted with each other and to set up the relationship properly.

    2. Whoa… so the guy I’ve been praying about for around 2 months now fits all of these perfectly. The last one, not as much. I mean, he’s pursued friendship, but since we both believe in courtship, we’re too young for him to be pursuing me relationship-wise just yet. But literally every. single. thing on this list fits. This along with my prayers and Bible studying, the advice and counsel of my friends and parents, and the fact that I fall more in love every day, and am willing to wait as long as I must… wow. I think I just MIGHT have found “The One”. So ladies, please pray for me! Please pray wisdom over me as well, and that I will walk in all of the paths God has determined, not taking a step towards my own path, apart from God.

    3. This hits home for me. I prayed that God would bring me somebody in His own timing and if something developed between me and somebody, it would be God given. I have/had that with a friend of mine. It was crazy how everything started. He meets almost all of these items. The only thing is that he recently told me that he doesn’t feel called to be in a relationship right now. So we are back to being just friends instead of in the “talking” phase. It’s so hard on me right now because I have such a great peace over the situation and have a feeling on my heart that everything between us will work out. He was planning to ask me to be official the week after I met his parents. His hold up was very sudden, almost as if he is scared to take the leap, but he also began to consider switching his major right after too. When he began questioning his major, he started question everything from that to us. Such as his feelings, whether he even wanted a relationship….He has never dated, just as I have never dated either. I am being patient and have been seeking God through this time, and He has provided me with great scripture, it is just so hard sometimes not knowing how this guy truly feels.

      I’m sorry guys!!! I did not mean of this comment to turn into my whole story!!

    4. My ex and I had been dating for a year and we were pretty serious, but I broke up with him about a month ago. Reading this article made me feel better about breaking up with him. A lot of the things listed here do not apply to him, so that, along with the fact that he had been cheating on me, makes it a lot easier!

    5. Where in the Bible does God promise us the “one”? Telling girls that if they follow God he will grant them some kind of wish for a perfect husband or boyfriend is not biblical and leads to many girls growing up and becoming dissatisfied with God when he doesn’t provide what they were taught as teenagers to be part of the deal. Paul says that it’s better to be single. The pedestal we put relationships and marriage on, makes many girls think that their lives will only begin once they find “the one”. This is sad. We should follow God because we love him not because hopefully he will bring us a perfect boyfriend. The way the church teaches young adults especially girls makes all of this twisted up and confusing for them. leaving most girls upset and dissatisfied with God because they feel that he has not delivered on some promise their youth pastor made to them when they were 14. So maybe we should all stop looking for signs that someone’s the one.

      • Amen I agree we should have a relationship with God before a human man, for how can we be blessed in our human relationships if we don’t have one with God? I struggle to spend time with God but God gave me someone that strengthens that.

        • I agree. Why is being single seen as a negative thing. No human relationship will ever fulfill you completely. In fact, it’s actually impossible. And many times people are single by circumstance. Maybe they lost a spouse or they have never met the right person etc. why does “the one” even matter if the relationship won’t last in heaven?

      • defiently agree this world is wayyy too focused on finding “the right one” take that dating site christian mingle for example their slogan is “find god’s match for you” there is no match really yes i believe it is important for the guy to be christian but their personality could change years down the road i just think if you like a guy take things slooooow better yet don’t even worry about it besides being independent is nicer you don’t have someone constantly asking where you are and what you are doing 24/7 anyway!

        lol this is what happens when i’m up late at night with coffee sorry if i was rambeling on lol

      • I’ve also seen Singleness put on a pedastal. Both marriage and singleness are gifts from God, and we need to praise Him and thank Him for whichever stage He has us in right now. Neither one is better or more spiritual than the other.

    6. Like stated before this article implies that everyone has someone meant for them… thats not true and some girls need that reminder and yes it is ok to be single… once i came to terms with the fact that i could be one of those women God sent me the man of my dreams…. its not all roses but he leads me like a husband should… and to the young girl thinking of marriage i think it is wonderful that you have found the one you want to marry yes you need to be careful but dont let anyone tell you not to get married because of your age… now if they have serious concerns thats different but i can tell you i am 20 my husband is 23 and we are striving to give God the glory for our relationship hope all goes well for you! Do some serious praying and God will reveal what to do

    7. I know Thad is the one I gave up on men I am been used and reused so much by men my whole life, but he came in my life when I needed someone the most , he encouraged my walk with God he saved me from being demon possessed and got me set free, he loves me respects me and has a love for God just like I do, when we fight or argue he always comes back after calming down and talks it out with me. God brought the perfect man in mylife and I can’t wait to marry him and make it forever and til the new heaven comes. I love him so much! <3

    8. Some people don’t have “the one”. Not to say that if you’re single you’re going to be ‘forever alone’, but in some cases, God knows that you’ll be way happier flying solo than being stuck in a marriage. And that is totally okay! Just wanted to throw that out there 🙂

      Anyways, I’m 16 so I’m taking things slow with my current boyfriend–just sending text messages, tons of prayer, and hugging. He was my best friend for quite a long time, and we see each other on a nearly daily basis, so I’ve gotten to know him quite well. From my experiences, both past and recent, I think this is a pretty good guideline. Great job 🙂

      I think a good one to add is “he spends time with your friends/family”. My parents and I are much more comfortable with either us hanging out where people can keep us accountable, whether that be an open space such as shopping malls and ice cream parlors (if we had one here) or watching a movie with friends from both parties. Don’t know entirely about him or his parents, but judging from what I know about his mother, I think she agrees for the most part. I am fortunate that my boyfriend’s those types of people that can go with it and act chill. However, my former boyfriend from back in 8th/9th grade was anything but. He constantly shooed my friends away and even went so far as to threatening my parents indirectly (through me, but I was still terrified since he was quite adamant and consistent with them). That was the moment I knew I needed to leave, but I was terrified to. If any of you are EVER in that position, RUN. Grab a trusty friend or an adult if you feel the need, which chances are, you probably need some strength in numbers.

      This digressed awfully, but I hope this has some sort of value to anyone reading this (reason #832789 why I should not be given energy drinks).

    9. I had ‘the One’. He was all of these. He loved me, I loved him. I loved him more than I’ve ever loved anyone (romantically) before. But I screwed up and lost him. To anyone who happens to see this comment, DO NOT let him go. If you think he could be (or are sure he is) the one, DO NOT settle for anything less for any reason. It’s gotta be worth it. I don’t know, but it just has to be. It doesn’t count as ‘any reason’ if he cheats, because if he does, he isn’t the one.

    10. I don’t exactly believe that God gives us “The One.” I do think that God cares greatly about who we marry though. I just don’t like the notion that God is like ‘THIS MAN IS FO YOUUUU.” That makes girls super analytical and like “omg, he said a bad word, he can’t be the one.”
      That being said, the relationship I’m in right now is very much like these 10 things. We’re both a little lukewarm in our faith, and we’re working on it together. It’s really good:) I’m treated right, but I’m not a “princess.” I hate when girls are like “I want to be treated like a princess!” Girl, you ain’t a princess. He’s a human and he will mess up.
      Anyways, I got off track. This guy I’m dating really makes me feel like I just know. Like, I just know. I see my future with him. I see us growing together, having a family, all that. You don’t always “know” right away. And that’s okay 🙂
      Anyways, these ten things are super important!

    11. This is an excellent guide line, but I think ” the one” is preposterous what if ” the one” dies. I do think God has our spouses planned I just think that “the one” referring to the only one is preposterous. God planned us to be only with 1 man, but sin and therefore death mean that many are married after being widowed so I think ” the one” is flawed terminology. I propose we use something else like ” Gods chosen” or something like it because ” the one” gives unrealistic expectations. So please follow God and marry his chosen husband for you.

      • Well I think “the one” means simply the guy you will marry. Not the guy who was set apart from the beginning of time. Like, whoever you marry is “the one” because they are the one you marry. It makes it seem a little less ridiculous when you think of the phrase in that way and less of a fairy-tale.

    12. My heart is in ache. It’s a deep pain as the one when you lost someone you love but without tears. I’m in love with this guy who I think don’t even really knows me. Who backed up because of his friend interest in me. I can so feel in my heart he is the one. He even has everything I asked the Lord for in my future husband. It’s not that I want to make him THE one, you know. Funny how I really don’t like him, but still, in my heart I know I love him. I’m in love when I didn’t wanted to fix my eyes on a guy. I’m in love with someone I know I don’t deserve. What should I do?

    13. I found myself agreeing with a lot of these things. 7 is a struggle for him, but he respects my priorities since we talked about it a little bit ago.
      He also kinda fits a list I made a few years ago of traits I really want to see in a guy I am considering as a life partner.
      I’m holding out on absolute judgement, though, till we’ve been dating a while longer. It’s not been that long. But I walked into this relationship with my eyes wide open to who he is. So if we’re still together in a while and if he still agrees then, I think I’ve found my man. And that’s a nice feeling.

      • I have to say I’m trying to figure this out because i know i want a godly man who respects me and listens, but that is the way some guys are. Yes these things are good but there are more qualities i am looking for. There may be a guy who i know who is like this, but he’s beliefs don’t line up with mine and i don’t like him in that way. I may agree with this but there are more things on the list for me. I’m not calling you out Dianna I’m just saying. I’m just posting it here.

    14. Ladies, I have a testimony about this very thing to share with you.
      I am currently single, but I know the guy God has for me at only 16 years of age. He has us waiting, for obvious reasons. I met him back a little before October last year, though we didn’t really start talking until January. I know someone who gives Words from the Lord, and at the new year I asked him to give me one just for the upcoming year, he told me God would be blessing my relationships and friendships and wanted me to relax and quite a bit of other things. This was when the guy, Jeremy, started talking to me. We shared small things of interest, watched the same TV shows and whatever else. From there on we sorta got good at just lingering around each other with no reason to really talk. A bible study started up Thursday nights, we both went to it and it was just one other connection we seemed to have. Well, one night I ended up giving someone a word from God, encouraging them and just in general blessing them. Jeremy was already really good and fluent in giving words and praying healing over people, so I didn’t think anything of it really. That night we got to talking on facebook and he told me that he was proud of me for stepping out in faith and then invited me to church. Our friendship progressed rapidly into a relationship of brother and sister in Christ. We got close in our spiritual walk, I started praying about him at this point, asking God if i might be so lucky as to get the chance to date him. One day I was having journal time with God, giving thanks for the many blessings. I thanked God for getting a word that week from Jeremy when I felt this remarkable feeling. Almost as if my spirit caught on fire but wasn’t burning, just warmed and stirred. My heart lept and I asked God “Lord, what is this?” He replied
      -He is a good one, better than any others you have chosen, I support your choice in him. If you want him you can have him, it is blessed-
      I instantly started crying, I felt as if I had been asking for an expensive gift for years and one Christmas morning when I least expected to have it and was starting to accept and become grateful for every other gift I had gotten, he gave it to me. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe how blessed I was. I mean the God of the universe had given me the ONE person I had wanted for the right reasons. I loved him for his heart, for his Godliness, for his devotion, he was and is a remarkable gentleman. I prayed every day since then asking God “Are you serious?” and he always answers with a yes. Now there are more obvious signs, hes helping me get better in my spiritual walk, pushing me towards my calling, listening to me and helping me give a lot of my old baggage over to God. He himself has admitted that this relationship was on purpose, that God has a reason for it (Even if he isn’t sure yet.)
      God told me I had to wait on him, be patient for Jeremy, and I really am okay with that. God took the desire to date anyone else away (Something i struggled with) and has put a peace on my heart since then. I can’t tell you how secure it feels. He does everything on this list except 10, and even to a degree he does pursue me. It is blessed.
      So ladies, don’t give up. He is out there and he IS the perfect gentleman. He will hold open doors, get you drinks, pay for you meals, make you feel comfortable just with being yourself, he will support you, he will give you shelter, he will be something amazing and safe. Be encouraged that even if you’re 40 there is someone out there. 🙂

      • Also I wanted to add, if you have no desire for, or God has told you that there isn’t someone out there (for now or for the span of your life) , that’s okay. There are still tons of people who love you. I know a few people who God has said no to them having a relationship and with some prayer to take the desire away until or unless he wants them to be in one, they are perfectly fine with it and I would say more happy than I’ve seen them in ANY relationship. Sometimes all relationships do is drag you down, and so with that being said keep in mind that for some people it is just better not to have that type of relationship.

        • Your story is very touching. Thank you for posting! It helped me to sort out something I am going through right now.

    15. Hi! Okay to start off, I don’t really believe in “the one” but it’s just an opinion and we can all work around it! But I do want to share my story of how I came to end up with my “one person.” 🙂

      In 2013 I had recently started to transition into a new church that God had literally pulled me to. I felt such a strong force to go there and was really skeptical at first, but God wanted me there and was gonna HAVE me there. So I went multiple Wednesday nights. I hung around with my friend Evan and we were like two peas in a pod. We laughed together at stupid things, and just had an all around great time. I heard him play in the church band that night and I instantly had heart eyes for him. I went home that night and did my usual quiet time and demanded to know why I felt like I had a crush on him after I had recently told God I didn’t mind being single because He satisfied enough. “What the heck just happened, God?! I thought my mind was made up?” He basically told me that Evan and I are going to get married. I was scared and also really humbled to know this was the future for a 16 year old relationship. Well he had infinitely bigger plans than I could ever dream up. Evan and I started texting and talking on the phone until late and night until one night we just ended up praying together. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. It felt so harmonious, and so perfect. This is usually not how a relationship of 16 year olds starts out. Let me tell ya. I was not prepared at all for what God was about to hand me. Well days turned into weeks and he finally asked me out. We started dating on January 16, 2013. And we have been through some serious stuff! But we have never doubted the sovereignty of our God, and we have gotten through it all with a lotta prayer and a whole lotta bible reading. Now it’s 2015, and this 16 year old relationship is stronger than ever! We’re 19 and every bit in love as we were then, and our relationship with God is even stronger than before. Evan is an ideal leader who is strong, patient, kind, stress-relieving, loving, encouraging, and everything else that is good. He is my best friend, and he always points back to Jesus. I am so thankful every day that the God of the Universe would allow me into his plans, and would place me somewhere I can be of glory to Him. To God be the glory forever and ever!

    16. I really like this list but it’s missing what I believe to be the most important attribute of “the one. ” He honors your commitment to purity until marriage because he is committed to that too!

    17. Hello! A little over a month ago, I started talking to this guy that I meet (though a mutual friend) on PlayStation Network. (I made sure that he is around my age before it went any father.) We have the same things in common, such as music, and I could tell that it was going to be more than just a friendship. We talked almost everyday and got to knew each other more and more. Then he asked me out one day, after talking to my best friend/sister and making sure she approves and what not. I know what he looks like since we follow each other on Instagram and became friends on Facebook. He loves God and when I learned that, I was extremely happy. I was shocked because its hard for me to find someone who loves God. He doesn’t live in my state, but he is making plans to come to where I live so we can finally meet each other in real life and he can meet my parents. He pushes me closer to God everyday and understands that I want to save myself for after marriage. Tomorrow (August 7th, 2015) will be a month since we have started dating and I have grown closer to God within that month time frame. He also wants me to move into an apartment in the state he lives in so we can grow closer to God together. I honestly can a future with him and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us. <3

    18. I feel like there is a guy friend I have that I feel like could be “The One”.We met in middle school at the lunch table where I would go sit at. In 8th grade and high school, we had lunches and classes together. He would show YouTube videos on his face and make me laugh, which I think is a reason he is “The One”. Of course, around this time, my depression that I had since 8th grade was getting progressively worse. There were times I tried going mute, but he and others found ways to make me speak (finally doing it with a song, and before I spoke, he streamed a video of me singing the National Anthem on YouTube and said I have a beautiful voice). After one time I tried going mute, I realized that he must be a Christian because he has a cross necklace he wears (he later gave me one for my sixteenth birthday), told me that God wasn’t playing a joke on me, and that when I asked for prayer, he nodded (and I believed he did). The story goes on and on about how he’s been with me in my battle. Our freshman year, I asked him to our Tolo (a dance where the girls asks the guys, you may know it as Sadie Hawkins). While there wasn’t much to do except dancing, and neither of us really knew how to dance (showed during a slow song; that was my first dance with a guy and we just didn’t know how to do the slow dance), I think we had fun. After Tolo, I started to develop feelings for him, and they’ve gone on for 11 months. On the 24th of this month, it would be a year since Tolo, and around the 27th, it will be a year since I began to have feelings for him. I wonder if he is “The One”, because he really seems to show it!

    19. my close friend just turned 21 bout over a week ago, OGM that’s shocking to me, we met at VBS at my old church way back in the early 2000’s 01. just can’t believe he + his sister never conacted me, lived half an hour from each other all through childhood, its one of those things, re met bout six years ago homeschool teen club both , homeschooled for five years., he’s not a phone person,.

      1. my close friend dose listen to me, when h.w. I feel, bout things,
      2. He dose respect me ‘ll back off when I need space,
      3. yes my close friend sees my heart, he ‘ll let me if he approves of something, or not, one time I wore a spaghit strap Tank top, by itself he didn’t like that, he grabbed me by the hand in a Christ like matter, he told me Jessica I rather you wear something underneath, your Speghit strap tank top, I don’t need to see what’s sticking out, of you, I love u don’t need to see that.,

      4. my close friend was always pleased to take me out for walks, or replay to my emails,

      5. my close friend told me I was very beateful I was doing something very dangerous to myself few years back,. I wasn’t eating at all or very little, he saw h.w. much my hair was falling out when I brushed it, he pulled me aside, Jess don’t want to see u in ER with a tube in you I know you don’t want that,. please stop hurting yourself,

      6. To know my close guy friend is a Envenglica Christian, makes me really happy!! he shares the same Christian faith Christ being raised in 3 days.
      7. I get messages from my guy friend put the Lord first, he has even put Bible verses on my emails many times,

      8. my close guy friend James encourages me to use my speaking skills as a gift + talent singing .,

      9. I feel very close to James , he’s like a brother to me, even he’s six months older than me five days bout a week six months differnces, emoitely can’t live without hearing from him.

      10. he even said not the time to purse eachother in God’s timing + ‘ll., he dose prey for me,. makes me feel good.,

    20. so earlier last year this boy started going to my church and for some odd reason i felt a somewhat connection towards him. so he never really took a notice towards me but i noticed him. he started playing the gutar in the worship group. But then he started to date one of my friends but there realtationship was v short (maybe a week or 2) after they broke up and even before, he would say hi to me here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. So in january of this year i started praying because i still felt that connection it never went away. so i started praying almost everynight for a sign for god asking if this boy was the one. te one that i was meant to spend the rest of my life with. So like i said i started praying in january and now it is may and a couple days ago he snapped me saying “beautiful” and he stood next to me at church? would this be the sign i was waiting for? someone help :))))

    21. So one day my best friend’s new Christian friends invited us to church. We ended up getting saved which we did not expect but so glad and thankful it happened. I believe I was meant to be there that night for that reason… accepting Jesus. We started doing a lot of great things as group like bible study and going to church together. One of the guys in our group started helping me learn, we would read bible scriptures together and he’d break some of them down. We got really close! He was just an awesome guy friend, someone to talk to and listen to. We liked eachother more than friends and he was aways there for me. Than one day my ex saw how much I changed, he wanted me to take him back and to take him to church. I took him and we ended up getting back together. I had told my guy friend I couldn’t talk to him anymore out of respect for my bf. He was totally crushed and we lost contact. My bf got saved as well and we were doing good going to church together. A few months later I notice my ex getting into the same old patterns. He didn’t show effort to read or study the bible. I let a few slide but after awhile I was wandering away from the Word. I started missing church and didn’t talk to anyone anymore. It wasn’t until one day we had a huge fight that turned physical. We had been through this before but I didn’t expect it to happened after we got saved. But it did. I broke it off because I realized I needed Jesus back into my life again and my ex was the reason for me being weak. I than knew that I turned away someone whom God had sent me. He was always sending me verses to read and would making me get up for church. That’s the kind of guy I know I need. Not someone who is going to bring me down. Thankfully I contacted him again and we are friends again but we are not as close as we used to be. I know he still hurts by cutting him off for someone bad. I just hope we can feel that pure connection again.

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