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10 Signs That Guy Might Be More Than a Friend…

Some of the best relationships begin as friendships! I was friends with my husband for three years before we ever went on a date. Here are a few telltale signs that a friendship is turning into a little something more. 


1. He keeps finding ways for you guys to be together. 


2. He asks you deep questions about what you might want out of your future. 


3. You have met and spent time with his family. 


4. He introduced you to his inner circle. 


5. He is always making you laugh.


6. You sit together at church. 


7. You contact each other throughout the days, nights and weekends. 


8. You start seeing him in a new light. 


9. He pays for your food or activity. 


10. He doesn’t like to hear about any other dates you go on. 


What do you think, PI Girls? Have you ever started dating one of your friends?

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