10 Things That Should Be on Your Christian To-Do List

    I live for summer. I love fireworks on the Fourth of July and lounging by the pool. I love road trips with friends and sleeping in.

    Summer can also be a great time to grow in your relationship with Christ. Here are 10 ideas for how to do this!


    1. Go on a mission trip. God calls us to go out into the world and show others His love. The best part is you don’t have to travel across the world to do it. You can go on a mission trip in your own community.
    2. Give back financially. Concerts, movies, vacations…there is so much to do during the summer, and it’s easy to spend a lot of money in the process. Get your friends together and find a creative way to raise money for a good cause. Have a car wash and give the proceeds to the local homeless shelter. Or, instead of going to a movie, you can put your money together and sponsor a child.
    3. Reach out to someone you need to forgive. The relaxation of summer can bring new clarity and understanding to reflect on your relationships. Is there someone who wronged you whom you still haven’t forgiven? Contact that person and make amends.
    4. Practice taking your thoughts captive. Swimsuit season can be hard on all of us, and it can be easy to get caught up in what you don’t like about your body. Whenever you find yourself scrutinizing your image in the mirror, take those thoughts captive and remember that you are a beautiful creation of God.
    5. Go on a social media cleanse. Summer can be the perfect time to get away from it all, and that includes social media. Instead of spending time in front of a screen, try journaling your thoughts. At the end of the summer, look back and see what God did in your life.
    6. Start a Bible study. The best part of summer is the extra time to spend with friends. There is no better way to grow friendships than being real and vulnerable about your walk with God.
    7. Find a way to serve your family. Summer vacation often means more time at home with your family. Use that extra time to find ways to show your family you care. Cook a special dinner. Write them each a letter of appreciation.
    8. Make an unlikely friend. Volunteer at a nursing home. Help with a kids’ summer program at your church. It can be refreshing to spend time with people who are not the same age as you. You might be surprised what God teaches you through the wisdom of an elderly person or through the innocence of children.
    9. De-clutter your life. Summertime is all about simplicity. What has been cluttering up your life throughout the year? Clothes? Makeup? Donate some of your clothes to charity. Challenge yourself to consume less and give more.
    10. Be still. Go outside. Sit under the stars. Be silent and listen for God’s voice.


    1. These are great! So far, unexpectedly, I’ve completed several of these. I’ve continued to get to know some of my aunt’s friends, as well as my younger cousins. I study Chinese and Spanish everyday. Staying away from social media is a POSITIVE thing. I could be envious of all of my friends who live away in CO or are traveling to Italy and Germany, but instead I feel like I’ve grown as a person through what God has given me this summer.

    2. I looove to-do lists! This list is awesome. I need to do more of ALL those things. I’m definitely trying to get organized, make friends among the elderly at my church, and as always -take my thoughts captive. Thank you for a great post. I’m so excited to be a new member of Project Inspired!

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