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10 Things to Pack for College [VIDEO]

My youngest sister, Amy, graduated from high school in May. The years somehow flew by…how did that happen?! (If you have younger siblings reaching milestones, you totally know what I mean.)
Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 2.33.57 PM
She started making a college packing list weeks ago because she can’t even wait to leave all of us for college! (Not that I’m bitter.) I was honored when she asked what I’d recommend packing for her dorm room…but I drew a complete blank! All I could think was “Definitely shower shoes.” But I knew there was so much more to it!
That’s what inspired the following video.
I put the word out to friends—some of whom work at colleges, some of whom are in college right now—and asked them:
  • What do you wish you knew when you first packed for college?
  • What were the things you wish you brought?
  • What were the things you wish you didn’t bring?
(One of these girls WAY overpacked her first year. You’ll see the picture. It’s hilarious.)
These four ladies did an AMAZING job sharing some surprising recommendations I never would have thought of! And my sister said she loved it. (Job officially done!)
For all of you girls graduating high school and heading to college, this video is dedicated to you and to my sister Amy: “10 Things to Pack for College.”

After you watch, comment below with other suggestions! Hope you enjoy!
Tiffany Dawn speaks across the United States on the topics of body image, eating disorders and healthy relationships. She’s written two books for teen girls: The Insatiable Quest for Beauty and Boycrazy: And How I Ended Up Single and (Mostly) Sane. When she’s not escaping winter through cross-country tours, she lives in upstate New York with her husband, James. Her not-so-secret dream is to one day be recruited as a spy, but in the meantime, she makes do with Starbucks, road trips and shopping. You can learn more at tiffanydawn.net.

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