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10 Tips for Decorating and Organizing Your Room for Summer


This summer, we know you’ll be spending a lot of your time outdoors (hello beach!). But we think your bedroom could use a little love too. That’s right! It’s time for a complete bedroom makeover!

If you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Below are 10 creative decorating and organizing ideas to help you bring a little life to your bedroom this summer.


1. School is over for the next few months, so you’ll need somewhere to store all of those books. Here’s an idea!


Find shelves here.


2. Show your clothes who’s boss with this awesome diamond dresser organizer.


Purchase one here.


3. We’re sure you’re tired of tripping over those piles of shoes in your room. That’s why we’ve added this end bench to the list. And lucky for you, it doubles as a comfy seat for visitors!



4. Transform your desk into a full on vanity station like this one here. The best thing about it? You can totally do it yourself!


Find tutorial here.


5. Maybe all your room needs is a simple pop of color. Pink maybe?



6. Wake up feeling like the princess that you are with this creative bed drapery.



7. Jewelry is probably one of the trickiest things to store away. That is why we jumped for joy when we found this DIY jewelry hanger. Yes, yes. Dreams do come true.


Find tutorial here.


8. This desk just screams “Snap a picture of me because I’m awesome.” It may take a little work to find all of the gold items, but once it’s complete it will totally be worth it.



9. It’s time to put all of those Instagram pictures to work. This heart photo wall is super easy to recreate. Simply print out your photos, grab some double-sided tape and stick them to your wall in the shape of a heart. And boom. You’re good to go!


Find tutorial here.


10. This one’s going to take a little work, but when you’re done and you have a real life scrabble board hanging on your wall, you’ll thank yourself!


Find tutorial here.

Do you see anything you’d like to try out in your room this summer?

Image: Pinterest


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  1. Busygirl996

    Posted by Busygirl996 on July 29, 2015 at 23:26

    My walls are full but I’d love to do the photo heart on my dorm room wall come fall!!

  2. kittenlover13

    Posted by kittenlover13 on May 22, 2015 at 17:11

    My friend Julia actually has #9 in her room. It’s all pictures of old friends and family.