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10 Tips for Finishing Your Semester Well

As we wind down the school semester at the end of May or the beginning of June, we are approaching deadlines and finals. Many of you either have final projects due or are in the middle of studying for your exams. It is the time of year when life is hectic, schedules are slammed full and you can just feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, relax, pray and trust that God has you. As long as you do your part, and you keep God first, you will be successful in all that you do.

Here are 10 tips on how to end the semester well.

1. Be well rested: Make sure to not burn the candle at both ends with the busyness of finals, projects and deadlines. Sometimes you need to learn the art of saying no, and just rest or study.

2. Create study groups: Share your workload by divvying up the study time with friends and come together to review and quiz one another. Studying with friends and others can make it less grueling at times. There are moments when you need alone time, too, but study groups are a good way to really make sure you know the material.

3. Stay healthy: This sounds like common sense or what you’re used to hearing, but seriously, stay hydrated and work out, even during crunch time at the end of the semester. Life is all about balance, so you can treat yourself, too, but try to get your fruits and veggies in. Because of deadlines, people tend to eat out more, but try not to just eat fast food or ramen for your brain food. Make sure to have healthy salads, proteins and antioxidants.

4. Prepare: Most of success is preparation time. It’s like when you cook a meal: You need all of your ingredients before you start cooking. If you forget the main part of it, you can’t start, and you have to go back to the store to get what you need. Make sure you don’t delay your success by forgetting or not prepping.

5. Review: Go through all of your papers, materials, syllabi, study guides and notes from the semester. Read what you have studied, as it is not in vain. You are a hardworking student and you deserve to go back and reread what you worked so diligently to write and work on. Don’t just throw your hard-earned work in the trash. Make sure you review what you’ve studied all semester, and you will succeed!

6. Rewrite: It sounds funny, but writing things out instead of just reading them helps you memorize the material more.

7. Read out loud: Read your notes, study guides and flashcards out loud. It has has been proven that speaking things out loud helps them stick in our memory versus silently reading.

8. Rehearse: Just like an actor reviews his lines before an audition, you need to rehearse what you are being tested on. Make sure you are organized and ready to review so you can sharpen your memory.

9. Quiz a friend: Make a game out of studying and quiz a friend with flashcards or even have prizes/rewards.

10. Treat yourself: When you invest in hard work and labor, you deserve a reward! Just as when we honor God, we get blessed, the same goes for your studious work! If you study for a whole day at the library or with friends in the study lab, plan a reward like a fun movie or ice cream. When you reward yourself, the work doesn’t end up seeming so bad after all.

PI Girls, if you follow these simple steps, I can almost guarantee you will be successful in your finals as you wrap the semester. I am praying for you! You can do it…you’re almost finished and almost to summer break!

Comment below for prayer requests or questions.

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