10 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean and Staying Organized


    Here are 10 life-hack tips you should know—five on how to keep a clean room or dorm room, and five on how to stay organized and fresh. Comment below if you have any pieces of advice or tips that you would recommend!


    Five Cleaning Tips for Your Dorm or Room

    1. Clean Up Daily: This may sound like a simple idea, but putting off daily cleaning habits can really add up fast. Make sure you clean up and tidy things daily. Don’t let clothing pile up or your room and get messy. A little bit of effort goes a long way.

    For example, do your dishes right after you eat so they are ready to be put away and are dry by the time you get back from class or work. Purchase a dish rack where dishes can dry, unless you have a dishwasher, which you can load prior to rushing out the door.


    2. Let Your Room “Spark Joy”: Especially if you don’t have a large space, keep these key words—”spark joy”—in mind, as advised by best-selling author, speaker and professional organizer Marie Kondo.


    3. Invest in a Hamper or Organizing Colorful Bins (Fabric Cubes): These wonderful fabric cubes are great for extra books or unwanted items that you don’t want to see in plain sight. These cubes can tidy up a space within minutes!





    4. Have a Weekly Cleaning Day: Pick a day out of the week (maybe Sunday) where you have extra time on your hands to take out the trash, do the dishes, fold laundry and tidy up the dorm room or your space. When you regularly make a habit of doing something, it won’t seem as hard to do. Choose a day to clean the bathroom or kitchen and it won’t seem so daunting if you let the dirt and dust pile up, right PI girls? Add some music to make the cleaning more bearable or have a roomie join your cleaning day as well!


    5. Rearrange Furniture: Sometimes rearranging what you already have after cleaning and tidying up can make the place look like new! Get rid of clutter or any items that are not needed or are junking up the place. You can do it!


    Five Life-Hack Organizing Tips

    6. Invest in Flowers or Plants: Being around live plants such as succulents or a nice bouquet of flowers can make a space look cleaner, brighter and fresher in seconds. Make sure to care for natural things in your apartment or dorm room, too! Don’t neglect the other living things: If you have pets, make sure to clean up their space daily as well so the work doesn’t pile up on you!



    7. Set Alarms and Plan Ahead: According to, people who are on top on their schedules and are efficient with their time have their events in their calendars and notepads. If you aren’t tech savvy, an old-fashioned planner will help you stay organized.


    8. Place Items in Regular Spots in Your Apartment or Dorm: If you don’t want to lose your keys, phone, purse or backpack, try to pick a regular place to put them.

    For example, you can buy a key rack at Target or Home Goods and put it near your door so you know where your keys are, or always remember to put them in your purse or a place where you know you won’t lose them. Always knowing where your belongings are spares you from unwanted stress or panic when you’re on your way to class.


    9. The More Tidy the Space Around You, the More Clearly You Can Think: When there are piles of junk everywhere and you don’t know where your belongings are, it creates stress, which causes the body to react in a negative way. Make sure you rid yourself of things you don’t use or that you empty out trash or unneeded papers on your desk.

    That brings me back to Marie Kondo, who was recently featured in a piece by a writer for the TODAY show website:

    “It all comes down to one over-arching question: Does your stuff make you happy—or, in Kondo’s words, spark joy? ‘If it does, keep it,’ she writes. ‘If not, dispose of it.'” —


    10. Tear Out Your Favorite Designer Magazine Pages and Mimic the Design: I love reading decor or home magazines and getting ideas on how to decorate! This is very helpful and useful when you want to spruce up your work or school space. Every three or four months, or every season, a change is good. It’s healthy to decorate or rearrange to keep things clean and fresh.

    According to some sources, plants or “shrubs can increase productivity.”

    “Having plants and shrubs as well as flowers and even small trees in the workplace contribute to a more comfortable setting for the workers resulting in increased production.” —Organic Daily Post



    PI Girls, do you have any cleaning tips or organizing strategies you use for daily inspiration? Comment below!

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
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