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10 Tips for Successfully Merging Into Adulthood

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This week on the PI Girl Talk Facebook page, a PI Girl asked about how to manage being an adult. She’s going into college and is struggling because the last couple of months have been hard with getting schoolbooks, budgeting finances and living on her own.

Man, I feel you on this 100 percent, PI Girls! I really understand and have compassion, as transitioning from high school to college can be a huge life shift.

Going from being dependent on your parents to an independent adult can be very daunting. Budgeting funds for rent, food, books and courses and just handling the stresses of life can overload you. It can be very pressing going from being a young adult to full-time “adulting.” How can a young person who is navigating all these new grown-up decisions know what to do?

First, the Word of God (the Bible) tells us to ask for wisdom and God shall give it generously. We can ask Jesus for anything and He said it shall be done. Second, take some practical steps toward merging into adulthood and responsibility. I’ve listed 10 of them below.


10 Pieces of Advice for Merging Into Adulthood

1. Create a budget. Keep a savings account for unexpected costs like a flat tire or just unforeseen costs.

2. Get a planner. Stay organized and use your phone notes and calendar.

3. Pray. Always know you can call on God 24/7. He is never going to leave you or forsake you.

4. Stay around like-minded believers. Create a community with people who will love and support you on your journey.

5. Read your Bible. The Word of God is so powerful and can comfort you and give you wisdom. Read a Proverb a day every day (there are 31 chapters—that’s a chapter a day).

6. Apply for grants. Ask your student counselor for any scholarships available to you.

7. Study in a quiet place. Go where there are less distractions. Go to the library or the lab at school if you need quiet time outside of your dorm.

8. Turn in your work on time. Turning in work on time will lead to your success.

9. Stay focused on your studying. Make sure to be proactive and study ahead of time so you’re not crunching the night before exams.

10. Show up to class and work on time. Being prompt and being faithful in the little things will lead to more success in the future.


PI Girls, comment below on any other tips or ideas for how to cope with merging into adulthood and being successful in school.

Message me for personal prayers or for advice at facebook.com/christigiven.

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