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10 Tips to Nail Your Job Interview

Every week I go through the “Girl Talk” section of Project Inspired and look for those seeking advice and counsel. I want to help answer some questions you may have about living out your Christian walk of faith and any miscellaneous topics! We want PI to be a safe place where you can ask questions and become bold in your faith. We love you, PI readers!

This week, a PI Girl wanted advice about job interviews and confessed that she is super nervous before going on them.

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Here are 10 pieces of advice before a job interview:

1. Say a prayer before you go and ask God to help you during the process.

2. Be honest and make sure to be yourself!

3. Bring your resume in person even if you emailed it, because it shows you care and went out of your way. Preferably put your resume in a plastic folder as well to make it even more professional.

4. Wear modest and suitable attire to your job interview. This may seem like common sense, but make sure you don’t wear anything too tight or short, and it is best to wear black pants with a white button-up or other nice top.

5. Get your referrals beforehand. Make sure you tell your contacts you are having them as references so that your interviewer will be able to connect with them.

6. Be on time. Do not show up to an interview late, as it will not be a good first impression and will indicate you may run late for the actual job. This could really hinder you from being hired, so plan in advance and prepare for traffic or parking issues. Give yourself an extra 30-minute time frame.

7. Smile and be friendly. Many interviews can seem so serious or scary, but really you can change that by being upbeat and hopefully excited for this new venture.

8. Do what you love. Of course we have all had jobs we didn’t really pick as first choice, but at least you want to somewhat enjoy the job and be passionate about it.

9. Make sure you do not chew gum. During the interview you do not want to be smacking gum because it looks very unprofessional.

10. Be real and also look at the interview as though you were interviewing you. Ask yourself if you were the manager or boss, what would you be looking for in a potential employee?


PI Girls, do you have any other tips for job interviews? Comment below!

Image: Lightstock | Temi Coker


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