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10 Ways to Avoid Distractions in School

During college, there are so many different extracurricular activities to be a part of, possibly within your dorm or through athletics or even off campus. There are many different temptations pulling at college students as well, such as partying and the desire to fit in. Some people join sororities or they join clubs on campus, but there can be a lot of social events and invites.

How can you balance your social life, activities, academics, faith and your personal relationships?

For one thing, what is important is to keep your eyes fixed on the prize (Jesus), seeking Him first, and all those things will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

Next is to focus on the second prize or goal, which is, of course, to earn your degree and to successfully learn the material you are being given and taught during this season in your life.

We need to be balanced and to be organized to avoid distractions. I think the best way to be grounded is to put your faith first, and by keeping communion with the Lord in the Word, through prayer, worship, in community, and then it will flow into other areas of life. When we put God last on our priorities list, we lose track, start to feel empty and run to other sources to fill the void.

Some people fill the empty void where God’s time and love should be with drinking, partying, hooking up with guys or just getting involved with the wrong crowd. Remember, who you spend your time with is who you will become like. It’s said that the top five people you are with are who you become. Stay in contact with your parents and with those who love you…they will check in on you and keep you in line.

Be conscious of your surroundings and where you invest your time and talent and your finances. Don’t forget to stay on top of your deadlines, projects and your responsibilities with a calendar or reminder.

Remember to sleep well and to always drink a lot of water and to eat a healthy and nutritional diet. Make sure to exercise daily even if it is fast-paced walking. Hey, if your classes are super far on campus, you can count those steps, but remember to stay active!

This may seem obvious, but turn in your assignments on time. Don’t lose track of your due dates and deadlines. You don’t want to fall behind on your homework and projects. Be proactive and watch how you will excel.

Finally, stay prayed up and have boundaries for dating. Know what you will and will not tolerate. Guys are great, but dating can sometimes become a distraction to your studies in college, so guard your heart and mind. We are praying for you, PI readers!


10 Ways to Avoid Distractions in College and Stay Balanced

1. Read God’s Word and put Him first.

2. Keep fellowship and your friendships in line with God’s Word.

3. Stay organized and balance your time in an organizer or calendar.

4. Get proper sleep and exercise.

5. Drink lots of water and have balanced meals.

6. Stay prayed up.

7. Be connected to your family, even if it’s on the phone. The people who love you will keep you accountable and will check in on you.

8. Turn in homework on time.

9. Don’t procrastinate on projects and large tasks.

10. Guard your heart to avoid being distracted by guys or dating. Know what you will and will not tolerate.


PI Girls, how do you avoid distractions in school?

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