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10 Ways to Unwind and Have Fun for the Holidays

After finals, we all need to unwind and unplug from the busyness of life. I want to encourage and inspire you with 10 ideas of fun for the holiday season where you can really relax and/or be of service to those around you.

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10 Fun Ideas to Enjoy the Holiday Season After Finals

1. Bake: Cooking and baking can be very therapeutic and can help to relieve stress…not to mention the sugar that can boost your mood! 🙂

2. Take a Bubble Bath: Relax with a nice Christmas fragrance-filled bubble bath and light some candles to detox from the fast-paced season.

3. Listen to Worship: I love listening to worship music and Christmas tunes, which not only gets me in the Christmas spirit, but reminds me what the holiday is all about.

4. Have a Wrapping Party: Get together with your friends or roomies and wrap gifts.

5. Do Some Window Shopping: If you’re low on money but want to have fun this holiday season, window shopping is festive and can be relaxing.

6. Make Hot Chocolate: Drinking hot chocolate and watching your favorite Christmas film can warm your soul, bring so much joy and help you unwind.

7. Attend Your Local Church Christmas Program: Many of these events are free and can be filled with such love. This can be a time when you are really able to receive after serving and giving all year long.

8. Bless Someone: Giving refreshes the soul, so whether it’s praying for someone or giving a gift to someone who needs it, this is what the season is all about.

9. Cook a Meal for Someone in Need: You may have a neighbor or elder in your family who can’t cook, so what better way to think of someone and to unwind in your kitchen than cooking for them? (For some, cooking can be relaxing, while for others it’s stressful, so this one is up for debate!)

10. Build a Snowman or Go Ice Skating: For those of you who are blessed enough to have snow, going outside and building a snowman or ice skating can be a way to enjoy the season and to really be soaking up this time of year, which goes by quickly!

PI Girls, what is your favorite way to unwind after a stressful time? Comment below! Merry Christmas!

Image: Lightstock | Geoff Duncan


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  1. MaryBean1

    Posted by MaryBean1 on December 21, 2016 at 08:04

    I love to just stand in the hot water when I am showering and listen to music. I put on some happy essential oils and let them diffuse around me and it’s so calming all my stress is just rinsed away and with some fun music to sing to its nice to just have a bit of fun!