10 Ways You Know You’re a Pastor’s Kid

    Being a pastor’s kid (PK) is VERY rewarding. You get to see God work through your parents in a way not many people get to see. But there are some other unique experiences that only PKs have…and if you are one, I’ll bet these are familiar to you!

    This list is meant to make you laugh and is to be taken lightheartedly. Which of these these signs are most true for you?!

    1. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you always get the feeling you’re being watched.


    2. Sometimes your mom or dad makes reference to something you did in one of their sermons. It’s embarrassing!


    3. It’s just assumed you know everything about the Bible.


    4. You go to a lot—and I mean a lot—of church functions, and usually you’re at church more than you’re at home.


    5. You don’t know what it’s like to just attend one service, and by the third service you’ve memorized the sermon.


    6. You’ve heard that sermon before.


    7. Dating? HAHA!


    8. You meet other PKs at church camp and just, well, get each other.


    9. You have probably been asked to preach before, or at least lead a Sunday School Lesson.


    10. Deep down, you are the only one who truly knows how hard your mom and dad work in their profession, and probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

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    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. #4 dude…We have maaany youth pastors/leaders at our youth ministry building who almost all have kids, and every single mission project, meeting, get-together, you name it–they are there lol!

      One you missed is, you know who EVERYONE is. My mom is a Sunday school teacher, and this even applies to me. Even before I attended our youth ministry’s services, I knew every single youth leader/pastor and many students personally. 😛

    2. I’m a PK, and I love being one (: Sometimes it’s hard, because you really see the struggles and the hard work behind ministry, but that helps you to appreciate the positive outcome of it in a different way. I can so relate to #2 but it’s not that embarrassing. It’s funny sometimes 🙂

    3. ALL OF THESE ARE SOOOO TRUE!!!! Are you by any chance a PK? ‘Cause if not, you must know a whole lotta them!!! I have been asked to preach before, and seeing as my Dad just moved, he, well, has started to reuse some of his old sermons… Oh Daddy… I’ve heard a few more than once!!!

    4. As a church staff kid, I relate to a lot of these!
      I especially live up at the church because I am homeschooled! 🙂

      OH! And you know like EVERYONE… even though I go to a “mega-church”!

    5. AND… everybody has known you since you were thiiiiiiiiiiiiis big.
      AND… you had church hymns/songs memorized before you could read them.
      AND… You can recite the pastor’s parts of the service as well as the congregation.
      I’m a double PK, so I have twice the fun 🙂

    6. I’ve been a PK my whole life and can definitely relate to a lot of these! I appreciate what my parents sacrifice for our church family. It can get really difficult sometimes but God remains faithful. 🙂

    7. Hahaha! There aren’t very many “priests kids” in the Catholic church, but I would LOVE to hear the experiences of the few out there xD I bet it would be pretty similar – going to mass like 5 times a Sunday, being constantly asked to be a reader or a leader in Sunday School, attending and helping out at parish functions, being expected to have memorized the Bible, and leading a beautifully intimate life with God through the experience of your parents xD

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