11 Things Christians Say

    As Christians we’ve almost invented our very own language. We aren’t saying these phrases are bad in any way—we ALL use them! After all, it’s just our way of talking. Laugh with us and post a comment below on any sayings we missed!

    1. “That’s good.” – We often say this during sermons when the pastor is on point with what we believe. Other ways of saying this are “Oh yeah,” “So good” and “So true.”

    2. “Amen!” – Much like “That’s good,” this phrase is used in many forms. When a pastor BRINGS that message, you may often say this to yourself, or in some churches it’s encouraged to say it out loud. Usually when said out loud, you get many in the congregation to agree with you.

    3. “I’ll pray for you.” – A phrase that is often said immediately following a friend sharing something with you, such a problem in her life. Rather than just praying right there for our friend, we use this phrase.

    4. “How’s your heart?” – A phrase we say to our friends when we want to know how they’re doing in their Christian lifestyle. Our hope is that they will open up about their lives with us. Usually this type of phrase is followed up by #3, “I’ll pray for you on that one.”

    5. “How’s your walk?” – Similar to #4, but we’re getting a bit more deep with this one. When someone asks how your walk is doing, they’re expecting to be in for the long haul on this conversation. When you ask this question, it’s best to be settled into a comfortable seat. For example: “Hey, so let’s chat. How’s your walk doing?”

    6. “Total God thing!” – Used when something unexpected happens. For example, “It was a total God thing in how we met.”

    7. “What are your absolutes?” – A phrase we ask our friends when it comes to what they won’t settle for in their future spouse.

    8. “Is he a believer/saved?” – The FIRST thing we usually ask our friends after they announce they are dating someone new.

    9. “I want to be intentional.” – A phrase we often say when dating someone. It means that you don’t want to date to just date. You aren’t about that life.

    10. “I want to be pursued.” – A phrase girls often say when it comes to the dating scene. They want to date someone who really tries.

    11. “Guard your heart!” – Another phrase uttered when in the dating cycle. This phrase is taken directly from Proverbs 4:23. It means that you need to protect your heart from hurt. For example: “Yeah, we’ve started dating, but I’m guarding my heart.”


    Now it’s your turn! What other Christian sayings did we miss above? Tell us!

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    1. AKA: a guide to Christianese.

      ON #9 you didn’t mention that “intentional” means “with the intention of being together through marriage.” Some newbie Christian girls may not know that. u.u

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