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    11 Truths I Wish Someone Had Told Me! By PI Girl, Melissa

    Truth #1. No one is perfect, so you can stop comparing yourself to others.

    Seriously. Saying “She’s prettier than me, she’s smarter than me, they have cuter clothes than I do, etc.” is degrading to yourself! Saying things like “I look cuter than she does today, I made a better grade than so-and-so, etc.” just to make yourself feel better about yourself is equally wrong. Embrace who you are!

    Truth #2. Lying and pretending to be someone you aren’t just so be people will like you doesn’t really accomplish a whole lot.

    Sure, someone might befriend you, but if they don’t like the “real you,” then they aren’t really your friend. Do what you love to do (horseback riding, book clubs, youth group, art class, dance class, rockclimbing, WHATEVER!), that’s the best way to make friends! Don’t pretend to be into something you don’t like that much just because your best friend is. Sure, do stuff together, but don’t be afraid to do stuff on your own.

    Truth #3. Playing “stupid” doesn’t make you cute.

    This should be self-explanatory but seriously…don’t. People don’t like to hang out with people who act coy just for attention.

    Truth #4. Simply going to church and doing things that are “church-y” doesn’t make you a Christian.

    This can be hard. Try not to get into the mundane “motions” of going to church, praying, and reading your Bible. If you feel like you are, then PRAY! Someone told me once to “pray when it’s hardest to.”

    Truth #5. Acting like you have everything perfectly put together 24/7 is exhausting and can put unreal expectations on yourself.

    ‘Nuff said

    Truth #6. Too much of a good thing can truly be a bad thing.

    If you volunteer for EVERYTHING (youth group leadership, worship leader for youth band, skit director, student goverment position, yearbook editor and more!), you WILL become exhausted. Already feeling like that? Maybe it’s time to pray and ask God what you can take a step back from.

    Truth #7. Failing at something once doesn’t make you a failure.

    It makes you a “try-er!!!!” 😉 If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! Believe in yourself!!!

    Truth #8. Admitting your weaknesses doesn’t make you weak.

    It’s okay to admit your struggles to someone you love and trust. Your struggles make you human and you can’t always handle them on your own. (You always need God!) Sometimes you need people, too. God puts incredible people in your life to help you. Use them! Love them! Thank them! Help them in return!

    Truth #9. There is a difference between laughing at yourself and making fun of yourself.

    Don’t make fun of yourself just so people will laugh AT you. Have confidence! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! God LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! Love and embrace who you are! Even your imperfections!

    Truth #10. God DOES give you things you can’t handle.

    Not because He wants to see us fall or make mistakes, but because He wants us to cling to Him with everything we have in our times of trouble. He reminds us that He’s still here and even in the middle of our biggest storms, He isn’t going anywhere.

    Truth #11. This was a hard post to write. :S

    Everything I wrote is true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with those things. I compare myself to other people. sometimes I pretend to be someone I’m not just so people will like me, and sometimes I go to church and go through the motions to make myself look good. I’m not proud of that, or any of those things I struggle with, but realizing the truth and being willing to change how I act and my attitude makes things better.

    If this post gets published on the PI website then my prayer is that you realize something quite simple and extremely helpful:

    No one is perfect but we all serve a perfect Savior who will always love us unconditionally.

    Written by PI Fan, Melissa

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