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11 Ways for the Busy College Girl to Practice Self-Care

Between school assignments, work and any other services like ministry or volunteering, it can be so easy to let your self-care fall to the wayside. While dedication to all of these areas of your life is not a bad thing, it can lead to an unhealthy hustle for worthiness and burnout if you’re not taking care of yourself, too.

As Christians, we often struggle with the dichotomy between putting others first and valuing the importance of our personal priorities. Because of this, the idea of self-care can become twisted in our minds as selfish. Many women struggle with the guilt of taking care of themselves because they pressure themselves with the responsibility of taking care of everyone else. However, I would challenge that we are in the best position to be there for others when we are first filled and rooted within God and ourselves. When we are rested, refueled and of a sound mind, we bear more fruit and have so much more to offer than if we are broken down and running on fumes.

Here are 11 small ways to practice self-care through the busy weeks ahead!


1. Detox from your social media feeds. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have now allowed an “unfollow” button, where you can remain friends with someone but simply unfollow their posts. Drawing boundaries on toxic behavior on your social media accounts is not only your right, but it can also reduce a lot of built-up underlying tension and anxiety that’s being fed by each scroll. No one is more responsible for your mental health than you are, so take charge of it.


2. Set an alarm to go to sleep. If you’ve been lacking the self-discipline to go to sleep at a healthy time, either because of Netflix, scrolling through social media or whatever, then consider setting an alarm to signal to yourself that it’s time to start winding down. Over time this will help create a sleep pattern that becomes natural for your body.


3. Give yourself an at-home facial. It feels great, and your body is precious!


4. Treat yourself to some laughs. Take a scroll through our Christian memes board on Pinterest! They’re hilarious.


5. Start a new gratitude list each morning. Wake up every day and list five things you’re thankful for.


6. Schedule “me time” in the week to do something you’ve been wanting to do. Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read, do that workout you’ve been meaning to try or write the blog you’ve been pushing aside. Take time to invest in your personal development.


7. Make a shift in negative thinking by talking to yourself through struggles like you would to a best friend. Nobody talks to you more than you. Treat yourself with grace and respect instead of being your own enemy.


8. Invest in an aromatherapy candle. There are some amazing candle scents out there that will help elevate or alleviate your mood. There truly is a science on a pleasing smell and how it rewards the brain!


9. Check in with yourself through journaling. Take time to reassess your goals, your priorities, your mental state and how you can stay on track.


10. Listen to an audio chapter of your favorite book. With your school curriculum, you may already have so much reading to do that you find yourself not having the energy to pick up another book, even one you may like! Consider getting the audio version of your book and listening to it when you have some free time before bed or in the car!


11. Seek help when you need it. Reaching out for support when you feel yourself slipping away is not weakness. It just means you don’t have to do everything alone. Whether it’s a lesson you’re struggling to grasp or a mental health issue, look out for yourself by making a decision to sit with someone who can walk through these struggles with you.


Do you practice any of these or other self-care ideas? Sharing is caring! Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Lightstock | Damion Hamilton


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    Posted by MChadwick on October 10, 2017 at 22:40

    I find painting my nails brings refreshment and a slice of confidence <3