12 More Reasons You Know You’re A Female That Loves Christ!

    Because there is just SO many reasons, here are 12 more for your laughing pleasure!



    1. When you get stuck in the back and can’t see the worship lyrics on screen.


    2. The week before Easter has you like….


    3. When a guy rejects you and inside your mind you’re all like “it’s all good because Jesus thinks I’m to die for so…”


    4. When the worship band busts into a rendition of your favorite Hillsong United song, but their rendition lacks the feels.


    5. When that cute guy tells you he loves Jesus and the rest of the time you’re all like….


    6. Sitting quietly in church and you want to open that jolly rancher, but that crinkle sound….


    7. When your stomach starts making the hunger sounds while praying in small group….


    8. When someone sits in your spot at church and it throws you off.


    9. When that friend says she’s a Christian but always uses the Lord’s name in vain.


    10. Smearing up your make-up during a crying sesh as the worship band plays THAT song.


    11. When you’re out in public and you meet someone new who also happens to be a Christian.


    12. On Wednesdays we go to youth group, this is just assumed.

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    1. Yep, because everyone knows that if you use the Lord’s name in vain (and yes, it’s vain, not vein. Learn to spell), you’re not a real Christian! Thanks, PI, for making a girl who has a problem with swearing (but is trying to work on it) realize that everyone will look down upon you if you say “Oh my God!”

    2. hey, im new to project inspirted and Im not trying to be rude or anything, honestly I dont want to come off like I am, but I kinda want to point out that a lot of these dont really apply at all to loving God and Jesus. A lot of them center around not wanting to feel awkward in church, which I totally understand but to be honest feeling awkward in social situations and avoiding that has nothing to do with loving and being in a relationship with God. There are a few I agree with, i do understand crying can be a reaction with feeling the Holy spirit in worhsip, but a lot of the other ones dont really apply. I think theres a difference between loving God, and loving the of idea of loving God and trying to come off that way. If youre going to say these are ways that you show that you love Christ, I think you honestly need to reevaluate this list.

    3. Maybe change the title to ” a girl who loves to go to church”. I agree with most of these, but a lot of them had nothing to do with loving God, more to do with keeping up appearances in church. Also, “vain”. Sorry.

    4. It is just a joke. It is for LOLs. Nobody actually looks down on you that much if you say OMG.

      Not encouraging it, but yeah. This article is not meant to condemn.

      Lighten up a little. I mean Jesus was pretty funny, I love how when he rose from the dead he was all like; wassup guys I am back! to the disciples. (Not really but yeah)

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