12 Signs That You’re a Graduating Senior

    Okay, so it’s only April, but summer is not so far away. And if you’re a graduating senior, then these last few weeks will most definitely bear a special significance for you.

    So—in celebration of a time that’s both thrilling and slightly exasperating, we’ve compiled a short list of experiences that many graduating senior girls tend to share.


    1. There was a time when your morning routine used to look a lot like this:

    But you’ve known 99.9 percent of your classmates since preschool, so now you wake up with five minutes to spare, kinda like:


    2. You can no longer stroll through Target without envisioning the perfect dorm room.

    Sometimes, you’ll even drive there just hoping to buy new socks, and then you’ll leave with multiple twin-size duvet options.

    Along with seven color-coordinated picture frames.


    3. Your math teacher has finally stopped calling you by your older sister’s name.

    Just in time for final exams.


    4. You feel like you’re in a weird place, because your high school curriculum suggests that you’re old enough to handle hazardous materials during science lab…

    But leaving campus grounds for a coffee during a lunch is nonnegotiable.


    5. You spend a lot of time thinking, “I’m too old for this….”

    Even if you secretly really love the animal crackers your mom has been packing in your lunch since you were 12.


    6. You love your family, but sometimes living at home has you all…

    But when you have the house to yourself for a few hours, well…


    7. Social gatherings are getting to be exhausting, because everybody wants to hear about your college applications and a four-year plan (which you, of course, don’t have, but they still act like that’s surprising).


    8. Even checking your email is an emotional roller coaster, because you’re both anxious and alarmed that you’ll have received word on your application from a college admissions office.

    Also, your mailman is terrified of you.


    9. And it really doesn’t help that you’ve suddenly found yourself in a sea of college gear worn by peers, and the parents of peers, who already know exactly where they’ll be logging the next four years (you can blame early admission for that).


    10. On the other hand, you start feeling super sentimental about the people and places that feel a lot like home.

    In fact, you and your closest BFFs have had a good group cry more often than you’d like to admit. Really—all it takes sometimes is a photograph that’s resurfaced from grade school.

    And you start to really cherish the time you spend with your youth group, unsure of the groups you’ll encounter next year.


    11. Needless to say, the guest list for that “surprise” graduation party you’ve been subtly helping your parents plan is growing exponentially.

    And you’re sure that your mom invited all of her friends, too.


    12. Finally, you just feel different. And while you can’t put your finger on a word for it, you’re sure that you’re feeling both exhilarated and proud.

    And you can hardly wait to find out what’s next.



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