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12 Small Daily Habits That Could Change Your Life

There’s truth to the statement “Change your habits, change your life.” The little choices we make every day add up to the outcome of our lives as a whole! With that in mind, here are some small daily habits that could lead to big change.

  1. Check your thoughts in the morning. Never underestimate the power of the morning. Your train of thought sets the tone and attitude for the rest of your day. Be intentional about starting off with the right mindset! Think positively about yourself and have faith in your day. God has you!
  2. Recite affirmations. Affirmations are great because they direct your thoughts toward creating a good identity for yourself. Reciting them in the morning is an excellent way to begin having the right perspective as you start the day. Here’s an example.
  3. Set screen time limits. If you can, try not to touch your phone until noon, or a set time period, if possible. Learn to just be present in your day, take the quiet time you need and gather your own thoughts rather than being mentally flooded with the timelines of others. It will make all the difference in starting your day from peace versus a mental rush.
  4. Start a daily Bible reading plan. Seriously, do this. Bible reading plans are fantastic because they’re already cut out to keep us on track and cultivate spiritual discipline. Thank God for the technology where we can find and download these online or simply follow along through a Bible app like YouVersion.
  5. Ask questions. When you don’t know or understand something, or would like to know more, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Some of the smartest and most successful people understand the importance of this. You won’t look stupid. You’ll look interested, and interested people are interesting. Be determined to follow your questions and be enlightened! It will only expand your knowledge and understanding
  6. Write in a journal. Nothing helps relieve mental burdens like a brain dump. Journaling may not solve all your problems, but it can definitely help alleviate mental and emotional buildup. Instead of holding everything in, start expressing yourself freely.
  7. Save money. Whether it’s $10 a week or a percentage of your pay, saving is always wise because expenses and emergencies always exist! Plan ahead. Save.
  8. Practice single-tasking. In a generation that’s obsessed with the glorification of busyness and multitasking, we miss the power of having a single focus. Being fully present with one task at a time gives us the opportunity to give it our best potential.
  9. Walk outside for at least 15 minutes. Including exercise in your day, even if it’s only for a short period of time, can add up to healthy, lasting effects after a long period of time. Getting outside, being around nature and feeling the sun are not only good for our physical health, but also our mental health. Start taking a walk or try these five 10-minute exercises!
  10. Drink more water. Do this especially when you wake up. Think about it: You’ve been asleep and without water for about eight hours straight. Water hydrates you and gives you more energy, which helps you focus and rejuvenates your body.
  11. Reach out instead of withdrawing. In those moments when you feel despair, anxiety or loneliness, you may feel tempted to pity yourself and hold in your burdens. However, simply making the decision to reach out instead of cave in and finding someone to talk to in that moment is powerfully freeing. Challenge yourself to push past your isolation.
  12. Be still. That’s right, set aside time each day where no demands are made of you and there is rest for your mind. Be still in prayer. Be still in silence. Be still and seek your peace. Guard your heart from the distractions and bustle of this world. Giving yourself a mental break each day can prevent mental breakdowns in the long run.


Are there any daily habits you’re working on? Share in the comments below!

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