12 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

    Eek! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that could spell trouble—for a few reasons.

    Let’s say you have a special somebody or an awesome best friend, and you have an inkling that you’ll be exchanging gifts. Now, this is not actually a bad thing in and of itself…but here’s where things get tricky:

    • You sometimes have to check your purse to make sure you still have your wallet because it’s…Just. That. Light.
    • You have a limited amount of time to produce said gift. Possibly six hours, give or take.
    • You opted to give the same gift three years in a row, and you refuse to make it four.

    Sound familiar? Fear not! We’ve gathered 12 different DIY options to save the day (on a budget).


    1. Tell your special person you care about them in so many ways—literally—by creating a poster-size Valentine’s Day card with smaller inserts, each containing a special photo, memento or note.



    2. This candy jar gift is incredibly cheap, easy and tasty. The only real challenge here is to make sure that the candy is safely transported from bag to jar, and not from bag to mouth (at least the majority of it).


    Find the inspiration and a printable gift tag here.


    3. Carving two pairs of initials into a tree is nothing short of adorable, but you can’t exactly set a tree on a nightstand, now can ya?

    No, no you can’t. But we’ve found the next best thing.


    Find the inspiration and “how-to” directions here.


    4. The only thing sweeter than you? This gift, which brings a whole new meaning to the epic duo that is chocolate and peanut butter.


    Find out how to make ’em (maybe even just for yourself) here.


    5. Lovesickness…it’s most definitely “a thing.” But this weeklong regimen of candy and notes ought to help ease the symptoms. No side effects to speak of yet, just a whole lot of reported gratitude.


    Find out what’s inside here.


    6. You won’t even need to add sugar to sweeten the taste of this thoughtful mug. 


    Find out how to get your DIY on here.


    7. We know that quite a few of you out there are still in hibernation due to a brutal winter. The good news is this Valentine’s Day snow globe won’t look at all out of place.

    Oh, and if you’re feeling super sentimental, go ahead and toss a favorite picture into the mix for a more personal touch.


    Peep the “how-to” here.


    8. You can never go wrong with music. Especially music that’s personally selected, tied to your favorite moments and then decked out with printed photos and lyrics. Boom!


    Find out what you’ll need and how to make it here.


    9. Some things are easier said than done. Other things are more easily stuffed in a bottle than said. In which case, you should do that. And then tie a bow around it.


    Get inspiration here.


    10. Do you guys have, like, the most adorable, clever, thought-provoking texts ever? Good. Now do the following:

    Step 1: Take screen shots.

    Step 2: Print.

    Step 3: Compile them.

    It’s like a diary, but for two.


    Check out the inspiration here.


    11. Strawberries, meet Chocolate. Chocolate, say hi to Strawberries. We think you’ll get along just fine.


    Get the lowdown on crafting this here.


    12. This bin of preplanned dates (one per month) will probably contain plans so thoughtful and lovely, your sweetie won’t even realize you’ve basically laid a blueprint for your perfect year.



    Have a suggestion of your own? Don’t hold out on us! Share it in the comments section below!

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