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13 Ways You Know You’ve Met One of Your Bridesmaids

Whether you are currently engaged or single as can be – you are always building your roster of besties. Here are a few ways you know you’ve met a friend that will last!


1.) You quote the same obscure movie at the same exact moment.



2.) You tell a joke and she’s the only one that laughs.


3.) You show up to class accidentally dressed like twinsies… again.


4.) You need to cry over something ridiculous and she’s there for you without judgement.


5.) She texts “I’m praying for you this week” right when you need it THE MOST.


6.) She’s the first person you want to call when something amazing happens!


7.) … or something terrible…


8.) She supports your dreams and ambitions.


9.) But she’ll also help a sister out if you are about to make a major fashion mistake.


10.) You hold each other accountable.


11.) You guys are able to make up after disagreements.


12.) Every time you see each other it is like a mini-party.


13.) You can picture them in your wedding photos AND looking at the album together in 30 years.


PI Girls, have you been a bridesmaid before? Does your bestie do any/all of these?!


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