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14 Moments That Just Might Happen at Your Family Christmas

It’s finally here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you can always count on family get-togethers to be a little crazy. Here are a few things you just might experience on this joyous and sometimes awkward day!


1. You might wake up way earlier than usual because you are too excited to sleep.

giphy (29)


2. You might have nailed it with your gift shopping this year.

giphy (28)


3. Your little cousin might freak out when she sees you.

giphy (22)


4. You might see that family member that you haven’t seen in years.

giphy (30)


5. Some unsuspecting family member might ask about your boyfriend…or lack thereof.

giphy (19)


6. They might try to make you and your cousins sit at the kids’ table.

giphy (18)


7. You might get the urge to laugh during the family prayer—but don’t. Seriously…keep it together.

giphy (26)


8. You might get to chow down on your grandma’s classic cooking.

giphy (31)


9. Your aunt might ask you what you decided on as your major in college.

giphy (20)


10. You might get a “Merry Christmas!” text from your ex…

giphy (21)


11. Your mom might ask for someone’s help with the dishes.

giphy (24)


12. Someone might make your favorite dessert.

giphy (23)


13. Your whole family might take a big group picture.

giphy (27)


14. You might have the best Christmas ever!

giphy (25)


Merry Christmas from everyone at Project Inspired! 

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  1. theteenfashionista

    Posted by theteenfashionista on December 23, 2016 at 14:00

    Awwwww cute. I must say however 1 is NOT me….maybe partly cuz I’m sick