14 Simple Ways to Love Your Sister

    There is no one in the whole world who can understand what it’s like to grow up in your crazy family better than your sister. Whether you are best friends now or need to work on improving your sibling bond, here are 14 ways to help you connect with your sister.


    1. Have a sister sleepover. Once a month, plan a sister sleepover. Pick out a theme, grab some party favors and plan an evening for your sister (or sisters). Whether it’s a movie or makeover night, you can have a blast.
    2. Write a note of encouragement. When was the last time you praised your sister, thanked her or told her you appreciate her? A sweet note on her pillow or bathroom mirror might make her day.
    3. Make her bed or do one of her household chores. Not fun, we know, but wouldn’t it be great if someone did a chore for you? Give your sister a break by lightening her load a little.
    4. Pray for her. This seems like a no-brainer, but how often do we forget to truly pray for the ones we love? Make praying for your sister a daily priority and see how your heart softens.
    5. Listen to her. When was the last time your sister shared with you? Whether you talk every day or haven’t connected in a while, let your sister know you want to listen whenever she wants to talk. Put down your phone, maintain eye contact and make her feel like you really care.
    6. Defend her. If you ever hear someone saying negative things about your sister, be the first to stick up for your sib rather than joining in the gossip. She needs you on her side.
    7. Go for fro-yo. Concocting your own fro-yo creation is just plain fun. Invite your sister to enjoy a frozen snack with you anytime. Or grab some frozen yogurt, toppings and whipped cream at the grocery store, and make your own delicious dish at home together.
    8. Study the Bible together. Finding it tough to make quiet time a priority? Ask your sister if she will read God’s Word with you every day. If you can’t find the time to meet in person, text each other the verses you are reading or FaceTime some Bible-reading sessions.
    9. Pray for your family together. Praying for your sister is great, but praying with your sister for your whole family is awesome. Make a list of prayer requests for your family and friends, write them down in a journal or notebook and pray with your sister every day.
    10. Take her to lunch. Between classes or on a lazy Saturday, take your sister to lunch. Tell her you just want to catch up and talk about anything and everything.
    11. Work out together. You know getting in shape is hard to do alone. Ask your sister to power walk, hit the gym or join a class with you.
    12. Don’t take her stuff without asking. This is perhaps the biggest sibling issue. Nobody likes it when a sibling takes her stuff. Make sure you respect your sister by asking before you use anything of hers, even if she doesn’t return the favor.
    13. Knock before entering. Whether you share a room or each have your own, be polite and knock before you march into the room.
    14. Do a photo shoot of each other. Selfies are fun, but photo shoots are even better. Pick out some cute outfits, find a great outdoor location and photograph each other. Get creative with poses and backgrounds. Bring out each other’s best sides and beauty. You’ll be glad you did!
    Natalie Gillespie
    Natalie Gillespie is the mom, stepmom and adoptive mom of nine kids, as well as a best-selling author, editor, and speaker. She is the co-author of "Into the Light: My Journey from the Glare of Hollywood to the Glow of God's Love" with Nicole Weider.

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