14 Ways to Know You’ve Been Attending the Same Church All Your Life

    If you’ve been going to the same church all your life, chances are you’ve probably had some, if not most, of these experiences. Tell us below in the comments section if you did!


    1. You know the format of the service like the back of your hand.


    2. You can pick out the newcomers and know how many weeks they’ve been attending.


    3. Yeah, that song…heard it. A lot.


    4. You know what each church member will bring to the potluck. Get me fried chicken from KFC!


    5. You know which pastor goes over the allocated time.


    6. You know Dolores, who sits in the first pew. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. You know she’s a saint and seriously the sweetest lady on the face of this planet. You look up to her.


    7. You know that Missions Sunday is usually pretty awesome because it gets you AMPED to go on that Missions trip this summer.


    8. You’ve had a crush on at least 40 percent of the boys (errr, men…okay, boys) in youth group.


    9. You tried to date one. It was awkward. Now, you’re waiting on the Lord.


    10. During the “turn to your neighbor” section of the service, you end up just talking to your BFF who is sitting right next to you, even though you should GREET SOMEONE NEW. Yes, looking at you, PI Girl #1204. MEET SOMEONE NEW.


    11. Once you leave and go to another church, you judge that church on its communion crackers/bread. Don’t lie, you do.


    12. You’ve probably had at least a couple of run-ins with your pastor at Target when you were with your friends. It was weird, because you’re introverted. You probably ran away too.


    13. There is a good chance that your current pastor was once your youth pastor. You’ve got experience with that dude.


    14. You love your home church. Even when you go away to college, there is no place like that church. No place at all.


    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. Ok, has PI been snooping in my life lately?! THIS JUST NAILED ME ON THE HEAD! I have been going to my church ever since I was born! But I’m 20 and starting to feel stale 🙁 I’ve been on again/off again going to a church across town that I like, but feel like if I start going there all the time I’d be abandoning my friends at my home church. Advice?

    2. I love how accurate this is – I went to the same church my whole life but in college, I am in a new place and have found a church where the college class helps me challenge and grow in my faith. Also, to add on to #3 – I’ve heard the songs so much that when the person in the back accidentally forgets to change the slide with the lyrics, I still know the words instead of awkwardly dropping out of the song. Anybody else ever get that feeling? XD

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