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15 More Signs You Were a True VeggieTales Kid

A shout-out to all the VeggieTales kids around the world! If you totally get the following memes, we salute you.

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1. You know you were a VeggieTales Kid when…


2. And you realized that true heroes still exist…


3. You still have real questions that need real answers…


4. And…


5. Also…


6. This understanding changed your life.


7. You realized who your true friends were…


8. You wished you were this cool.


9. This song was a highlight of your childhood. 


10. Silly Songs with Larry never get old.


11. You understand this reference.


12. Sometimes it got real…


13. When the truth was revealed and it changed everything.


14. When this fact made you realize your entire childhood was a lie. 


15. When Larry raised the bar for Christian girls.


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  1. TheQuixoticChipmunk

    Posted by TheQuixoticChipmunk on April 18, 2017 at 16:36

    You’re the TRUEST of veggie tales kids if you wonder what’s up with #4 since they’ve always been the French Peas, and know that #7 should say WALTZ with potatoes, not dance.