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15 Spiritual Goals Every Christian Girl Should Try for the New Year

It can be so easy to backslide from the basic spiritual disciplines of our faith when the demands of life are bombarding us. The new year is a great time to start reflecting on getting back to what’s important. Here are some goals to get that process started!


1. Reading the Bible from start to finish.


2. Seeking or growing a relationship with a mentor.


3. Having the discipline to take more time offline to get in touch with yourself and God.


4. Fasting when making an important decision.


5. Listening more to understand others while speaking, and assuming less.


6. Finding a solid church and/or Bible study group to plant yourself into.


7. Regularly journaling about the revelations you’re having about your life in each season to reflect back on and track your growth. 


8. Setting aside time to give back by serving or volunteering in a church or community setting.


9. Going through counseling, therapy or a support group to hash out deeply rooted habits and hangups.


10. Using discernment to make better boundaries about when to say “no” so you can focus on where God is directing you.


11. Getting a planner or using a calendar to steward your time and tasks more responsibly.


12. If single, actually take the year to find contentment within yourself and security within God without a guy.


13. If in a relationship, reevaluate where you guys are spiritually and what you should put in practice to grow.


14. Spend more time with creation by going on a hike, retreat or nature walks more often.


15. Invest in a prayer journal or prayer wall to record prayer requests and answered prayers and watch how God is moving in your life.


Ladies, what are some spiritual goals you’re setting for yourself in the upcoming year? Share with us in the comments below!

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