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15 “Total Chick Hacks” We Love

Yes, these hacks are uber-girly. Positively uber-girly. And you know what? They ROCK!


1. For that perfect application

Run your mascara under a stream of hot water before applying it to your eyelashes for a smoother swipe. When dipping the wand for round 2, twirl upon removal to avoid clumps.


2. Beat back the funk

Nobody likes smelly shoes. Nobody. 

When they’re lying low in your closet, drop a linen satchel filled with baking soda into each shoe. This will help combat “the funk” and people will starting sitting next to you again.

Just kidding (we think).


3. Speaking of smelling yummy…

Rub Vaseline on your wrist prior to spraying your perfume to help make the scent last even longer.


4. Keep your travel clothes clean

They’re all you’ve got for some time. So, when you’re on the move with a suitcase in tow, wrap a shower cap around every pair of shoes that you’ve packed (think: soles first) to prevent your neatly folded clothes from looking a lot like a sidewalk.


5. Bobby pin…magic?

If we had a penny for every bobby pin we’ve lost, we’d be very, very rich people.

Keep a fun magnetic object in your bathroom to gather and hold all those stray pins you’ve just removed in one easy place.


6. Lint control

Unwanted sweater fuzz (see below), meet your worst enemy: the pumice stone.


7. Steer clear of the “green ring”

It’s happened to the best of us. You find this really adorable ring (So chic! So cheap!) and then later, you see it—the dreaded second “green ring” around your finger that you didn’t exactly plan for.

Avoid the green by applying a coat of clear nail polish to the inside of your ring. This will act as a barrier between the ring and your skin.


8. Stop runs dead in their tracks

Hair spray is just for like, hair…right?

Wrong. Give your tights a good spray (after you’ve finished with your hair, of course) and it can actually help prevent runs from forming.

And because we like you, here are a few extra things you can do with that spray of yours:

  • Attempting a slick pony? Coat a toothbrush in hairspray and use it to tame the flyaways around your face.
  • A little spritz on a toothbrush will do wonders for unruly eyebrows.
  • Coat your bobby pins in hairspray for a stronger hold.


9. For the flat-footed

Uncomfortable flats are enemy #1. Don’t let breaking them in come dangerously close to breaking your spirit.

To keep comfy right off the bat, throw on some thick socks, followed by your flats. Hold a blow-dryer over your toes to warm the material (yes, seriously) while you give them a good wiggle. This will help stretch the area out—no limping required.


10. Ironing made easier

Sorry, we really tried for “fun,” but sometimes ironing is necessary. When ironing a button-up shirt, first turn it inside out so you don’t have to worry about navigating around the buttons.

And to think we’ve avoided buttons for all these years….


11. Reclaim all your teeny-tiny objects

So you dropped an earring and it’s somewhere embedded in your carpet…gone forever.

Think again. You can conduct a search-and-rescue mission by simply placing a stocking over a vacuum hose, allowing it to hover over the site. The suction will help collect any easy-to-miss items.


12. Enjoy white shirts longer

Deodorant stains are the worst. Remove them by rubbing a pair of jeans over the material.



13. Enjoy white shirts longer, part 2

Just so you know, lemon juice will help remove your sweat stains.



14. For she who loves leather

A teeny-tiny bit of moisturizer can help remove scratches from leather, so your new jacket can be less “you can look, but you can’t wear.”


15. Drier hair, faster

When towel-drying your hair, swap out your towel for a T-shirt. It’s much more absorbent and can speed up the process.


Ladies—we’ve got hacks for days, so keep an eye out for our next batch! In the meantime, share your own with us in the comments section below!


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  1. kass4god

    Posted by kass4god on January 31, 2015 at 10:52

    My best hack: Rub vinegar on your nails before you paint them, for a week of chip free nails!