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16 Cute Pictures of Animals Praying

Girls, God didn’t just create man and woman–He also created all creatures great and small! So why wouldn’t they too reach to the Lord in prayer?

We couldn’t help but smile at these pictures of animals “caught” in the act of praying!

We love! Do you love?!

 Love love love a kitten praying!

[Image credit: dyingofcute.tumblr.com]

Whatever this hamster is praying for, we imagine God answered.

[Image credit: whataboutrobsten.blogspot.com]

God can’t help but answer a cute bunny’s prayers.

[Image credit: thatcutesite.com]

Is this puppy asking for forgiveness?

[Image credit: dailysquee.com]

This black bear just needs a time-out for a prayer before raiding another garbage can!

[Image credit: revjph.blogspot.com]

We wish we could be this focused when calling out to God.

[Image credit: revjph.blogspot.com]

Is this little guy praying for rain?

[Image credit: curiousanimals.net]

Someone said, “Looks like they’re sleeping.” But we know better. These penguins are lost in prayer.

[Image credit: photos.wilsonstockphotos.com]

Oh little guy! If only WE could answer your prayers! But that’s up to God.

[Image credit: buzz.beliefnet.com]

Awww! Little kitty praying!

[Image credit: a-gc.com]

This little otter has some serious burdens to share with the Lord, or is he thanking God for his blessings?

[Image credit: wallpaperglu.blogspot.com]

Something about this makes us want to step away from our laptops and say a little prayer, too.

[Image credit: wallpaperglu.blogspot.com]

Sing Hallelujah!

[Image credit: Jokeroo.com]

A praying lion isn’t a cowardly lion.

[Image credit: animaldoor.blogspot.com]

[Image credit: Buzzfeed.com]

You don’t have to be on your knees with your hands pressed together to pray. We all know that. If you were a disabled dog getting to play in the leaves for the first time, wouldn’t you be shouting praise to the Lord, too?

Ladies, prayers come in all sizes, as do the people and critters that say them. Which cute pic was your favorite?

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Image: a-gc.com


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  1. Far612

    Posted by Far612 on December 30, 2013 at 12:22


  2. vsmith21

    Posted by vsmith21 on December 6, 2012 at 17:57


  3. Project Inspired

    Posted by SpicySage on November 30, 2012 at 17:31

    This is so cute (: If you go to http://www.godtube.com and search, “dogs praying” There will pop up about 7 videos of dogs praying before meals. It is SO cute.

  4. jesslt

    Posted by jesslt on November 30, 2012 at 10:57

    Ok I just can’t help it- those Raccoons are hilarious!:) Its like they are at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

  5. Grace_F

    Posted by Grace_F on November 29, 2012 at 15:24

    They’re adorable but some do look photoshoped but all the same cute

  6. Uchiha_Kaida

    Posted by Uchiha_Kaida on November 29, 2012 at 13:13

    awwwwww nyaaa~!!!! kawaii!!! I love the lion one x3

  7. IdaPahus

    Posted by IdaPahus on November 29, 2012 at 00:14

    This is so cute! Thanks for posting!! It made me smile a lot!!!

  8. bethluvstheafters

    Posted by bethluvstheafters on November 28, 2012 at 23:43

    Dawwwwww……… they were all cute 🙂 :*

  9. Paris

    Posted by Paris on November 28, 2012 at 19:36

    Even animals praise the Lord! The Bible says,Let EVERYTHING that has breath PRAISE THE LORD!!(Psalms 150:6) 😀

  10. HurricaneMurphGirl

    Posted by HurricaneMurphGirl on November 28, 2012 at 18:48

    My favorite were the monkey, the otter, and the dog! But they were all cute. =) Thanks so much for sharing! It brightened my day!

  11. Posted by Nicole on November 28, 2012 at 12:47

    This is BEYOND cute!!

  12. spyder

    Posted by spyder on November 28, 2012 at 12:25

    I love the squirrel and the prairie dog! and the cats and the lion and the monkeys and the raccoons and the rabbit and the otter and the penguins and the hamster and the bear and the dogs :p

  13. EmilyRW

    Posted by EmilyRW on November 28, 2012 at 11:29

    I love the pics of the lion and the kittens!!!