16 Reasons You Can’t Live Without Your BFF

    You can call her your partner in crime, your soul sister or your BFF—it doesn’t really matter much, because it all means the same thing. She’s your closest friend, and she’s always going to be the first person you call after a bad day. And—who are we kidding?—after a good day, too!

    In other words, you can’t imagine life without her.

    But why?

    Well, funny you should ask, because we were just getting to that.

    Your best friend is always going to be your all-time gal because:

    When you ask her if your outfit is “too much,” she always speaks the truth. That way, you don’t roll up to a casual event looking like this:

    Or this:

    But at the same time, she never fails to acknowledge the moments when you’re looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S:

    She’s also the only one willing (or brave enough) to try that new dance class at the gym with you:

    And when you suggest getting a milk shake afterward, she doesn’t judge you. Instead…

    Plus, after a tough breakup, she already has a girls’ night out planned before you call to say this:

    And then to spare you the task, she reviews all 843 pictures on your Facebook page to make sure that you don’t have any ancient “couple” pictures still in the mix:

    She doesn’t complain when you ask, “Emoji or no emoji?” when you’re texting with a new guy. She actually answers you seriously…after suggesting you remove a “!” or two.

    And when somebody questions why you’re wearing a purity ring, she shows them hers, too.

    She still keeps coming over for dinner, even though your mom is a terrible cook. And just to make your mom feel better, she accepts her plate (or fate?) like:

    And she doesn’t give you a hard time if you buy the same outfit. And then wear it on the same day…

    Finally, if anybody gives you a hard time, like this girl:

    Then it’s:

    Just kidding. More like:

    Without being all:

    Because she knows you guys are in it together for the long haul.

    And you’re both glad about that.



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