16 Worst Pieces of Dating Advice We’ve Heard

    We asked on our Facebook page: What’s the worst piece of dating advice you’ve ever received? We received a ton of great responses, but here are 16 of our absolute faves.


    1. “Both of y’all are Christians so y’all should definitely date. You’re perfect for each other.” —Amanda G.


    2. “Sometimes you just have to settle for what’s around you.” —Elizabeth D.


    3. “Follow your heart.” —Mercedes B.


    4. “After 2 weeks: ‘Marry him already!'” —Eva P.


    5. “After saying that I wanted to save my first kiss for my wedding day, [someone said]…’I think that’s excessive. You should just go for it. Learn to tie the cherry stems with each other.'” —Briana P.


    6. “You don’t have to waste time dating just anyone, but sometimes it’s fun to make out with boys.” —Julianne W.


    7. “Be rude to him so you can come off as ‘feisty’ and [he’ll] like you more.” —Laura C.


    8. “Take what you can get, another chance may not come along.” —Sadie M.


    9. “Maybe you should lower your standards.” —Cristina H.


    10. “Don’t text first.” —Darien J.



    11. “Boys just don’t like girls like that. Maybe try changing yourself up a bit and see if that helps?” —Baylie M.


    12. “Don’t act too interested.” —Rachel T.


    13. “Just kiss him. That should fix your problems.” —Kelsey W.


    14. “Test-drive him before you buy him.” —Summer S.


    15. “Gotta put your assets out there to get a guy!” —Denise G.


    16. “If a guy likes you and you don’t like him, the solution to the problem is to just get a boyfriend so he’ll leave you alone.” —Kaylin G.


    Got any more to add?

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    1. It’s not really advice, but this one guy was telling me that he was probably the worst boyfriend I’ve ever had. (It was in 6th grade, and I was too stupid to know that agreeing to going out with someone because you feel bad saying no is a bad idea. I never even liked him as a person. I don’t even count him as my first boyfriend.) I responded by telling him he’s the only boyfriend I’ve ever had. He said he was surprised to hear that because I’m pretty. On the outside I acted flattered and thanked him, but on the inside I was screaming, “NO IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!”

    2. One time, I was about 14, I was messing around (i mean we were playing rough) with some of the guys on this pilgrimage I was on and later this older lady (that I’m actually decent friends with) said “you know you shouldn’t make yourself one of the boys if you want them to like you, you have to be more refined and lady-like if you ever want a boyfriend. They don’t really like girls that are too tough or manly” ( or something to that effect, I don’t remember the exact words) needless to say that I have continued to be very tomboyish to this day and I’m very happy to be me

      • Girlfriend, you are so much more valuable than that! 🙂 You have a maker who loves and cares for you. As a Christ follower your body is a temple that honors Him. I love the verse – Ecclesiatses 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time….” – God made and designed you so intricately it’s incredible. Ever since I started beliveing this truth and living to the Word. It has filled me up more than I could ever imagine. I no longer what the things of this world- I just want more of Him. I hope you have an amazing day and I will be praying for you! Xo – Let me know if you have any questions!

      • It may be fun to makeout with guys, but even though “it’s just kissing” you are giving a precious part of yourself to anyone – who probably doesn’t value you properly. They’re probably in it for the fun too. Now, different people have different perspectives on this, but I think kissing (in a romantic way) was designed for marriage – it often goes hand-in hand with sex. So even a little kiss on the cheek I will not do with my boyfriend because I know if I allow a kiss on the cheek, then a kiss on the lips should be allowed, then making out, which so easily turns into other things which eventually lead to sex. It’s good to set boundaries and save the “fun” stuff for the right one to do for the rest of your married lives together. Don’t tempt yourself by making out and desiring more than making out with a man who God did not design for you (because I don’t know anyone who’s left it at making out and doesn’t desire more after they’ve gone that far, making out is designed to make you “feel the feels” if you know what I mean)

    3. What’s wrong with number three, following your heart?
      I approach following your heart not only as marrying someone you actually like, which is wildly important, but following your guts, too. If you think something is wrong, just get out. (Maybe I’m being negative there). But you know, also marry somebody you like.

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